• Lecture Notice
  • Date: 2019-03-26

    Time: 09:00

    Venue: Conference Room C02, 4th Floor, NO.1, First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University

    Host: Cao Hong, Director of Department of Science and Technology, Wenzhou Medical University


    (1) Academic report

    1. Topic: "lncRNAs in AML"

    Speaker: Professor Jin Bilian, Dalian Medical University

    2. Topic: "Study on the Mechanism of Non-coding RNA in the Process of Malignant Tumor Development and Metastasis"

    Speaker: Cui Ri, Researcher, Wenzhou Medical University

    3. Topic: "Doxorubicin regulates DNA demethylation by PML/TET"

    Speaker: Professor Yang Qingkai, Dalian Medical University

    4. Topic: "Human cytomegalovirus infection in gastric cancer: friend or foe?"

    Speaker: Professor Xue Xiangyang, Wenzhou Medical University

    5.Topic: "Research on molecular targeted therapy of gynecological tumors based on PARP inhibitors"

    Speaker: Professor Liu Pixu, Dalian Medical University

    6.Topic: "The AMPK-Parkin axis negatively regulates necroptosis and tumorigenesis by inhibiting necrosome"

    Speaker: Professor Zhang Jinsan, Wenzhou Medical University

    7. Topic: "RNA alternative splicing and cancer"

    Speaker: Professor Wang Yang, Dalian Medical University

    8. Topic "Accurate Medical Research on Cholangiocarcinoma"

    Speaker: Professor Chen Gang, Wenzhou Medical University

    (2) Exchange discussion