• Breakthrough! WMU achieves good results in NSFC fund application
  • Author:Yang Zhen, Bai Xuefei, Technology Department    Date:September 23, 2022
  • On September 8, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) released the result of 2022 project application review. WMU obtained 117 NSFC-funded projects, with a record direct funding of 57.31 million yuan.

    The 117 approved projects comprised 1 Key Program project, 2 Excellent Young Scientists Fund projects, 2 International Senior Scientists Fund projects, 62 General Program projects, and 50 Young Scientists Fund projects. Among them, Academician Song Weihong of the Institute of Geriatrics won the NSFC Key Program project with the Second Affiliated Hospital and Yuying Children’s Hospital as the supporting unit. Academician Liu Fang of the School of Psychiatry and Professor Higuchi Akon of the affiliated Eye Hospital got projects of Fund for International Senior Scientists. Professor Fang Hezhi from the School of Laboratory Science and Life Sciences and Professor Li Xingyi from the affiliated Eye Hospital received grants of the Excellent Young Scientists Fund, which marked the first time in WMU’s history that two Excellent Young Scientists Fund projects were approved in the same year.

    Projects listed in the 2022 NSFC Key Program, Excellent Young Scientists Fund, and Fund for International Senior Scientists

    According to data released by NSFC, there were 20472 General Program projects, 761 Key Program projects, 79 Key International (Regional) Joint Research Program projects, 22262 Young Scientists Fund projects, 630 Excellent Young Scientists Fund projects, 25 projects of Excellent Young Scientists Fund (Hong Kong and Macao), 415 projects of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 43 projects of Science Fund for Creative Research Groups, and 109 projects of Research Fund for International Scientists (including 49 projects for international excellent young scientist and 60 for international senior scientists) in 2022.

    In recent years, under the wise leadership of the university Party Committee, WMU has set sight on the major strategic needs of the country and the forefront of global science and technology, paid close attention to the central task and policy implementation, gradually formed a well-organized scientific research management system, established a major task organization mechanism, and taken multiple measures to create a vigorous environment for scientific and technological innovation. The university attaches great importance to funding applications and mobilized the majority to take part in scientific and technological innovation. Measures such as holding the commendation conference of scientific and technological achievements, organizing mobilization meeting for NSFC program application, and setting out goal and agenda, has encouraged and motivated the scientific and technological researchers at WMU. The administrative department in charge of scientific research and affiliated hospitals (schools) work together to strengthen the assessment and incentive mechanism. The university also carries out a precise support plan with cultivation funds to incubate young scientists. Besides, with a focus on the cultivation of high-level talents and the development of original innovation capability, WMU has organized the application and pre-defense of the NSFC Major Research Plan, Key Program, Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and Excellent Young Scientists Fund, which stimulated the potential and vitality of the vast number of researchers, and provided a strong scientific and technological support for its construction of a "double first-class" university.

    Text translated by Xia Kainan and reviewed by Sun You.