• First day in September: WMU welcomes first-year students on campus
  • Author:    Date:September 7, 2022

  • As the early autumn breeze wafted through WMU, the passion of the campus could not be contained. At this emotional moment, new friends with longings in their eyes and ardent volunteers with busyness in their moves are the best interpretation of youth.

    Vol.1 The First Photograph at Wenzhou Medical University

    We used to be strangers when entering the campus and have become close friends as the exquisite sceneries narrowed the distance between us. Let the photograph witness our friendship.

    Vol.2 Solicitude of the University

    To study medicine, be ready to work hard.

    Classmates should take care of each other.

    One should lay more emphasis on improving comprehensive quality and developing in an all-round way.

    We will devote ourselves to solving your difficulties.

    The university leaders visited the freshmen’s dormitories and cordially asked about their feelings about entering campus. They encouraged the students to adapt to their new life at WMU as soon as possible, study hard, and make progress every day

    Vol.3 A Touch of Beautiful Red to Orient the Freshmen

    When you stand at an unfamiliar intersection with huge packs, don’t worry, call for the seniors, and we’re a family.

    Volunteers in red moved around the campus in a hurry.

    The volunteers are so nice.

    The sceneries are remarkable, and the volunteers are enthusiastic.

    The freshman orientation received great admiration from the first-year students.

    Vol.4 Three-second Rapid Registration

    The new mode of one-stop online registration and one-second facial recognition check-infacilitated the enrollment procedure.

    Along the way were tents for parents to rest and have a cup of tea, providing shelter from the summer heat.

    Vol.5 New Patterns of Freshman Orientations of the Schools

    All schools were well prepared and hosted warm and unique freshman orientations.

    The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences specially organized a team of 12 first-year veteran students to constantly provide services such as maintaining order, carrying luggage, and consulting for their new schoolmates. Additionally, the dormitories were renovated into four types of show homes with professional characteristics in advance.

    The Alberta Institute not only took the first-year students around the campus online in advance, but also mobilized all the freshmen to conduct intensive training for the IELTS test. Besides, freshmen were entered in a lucky draw for medicine-related cultural and creative products and all kinds of surprising packages. There was also a second-hand items area where seniors provided old textbooks to freshmen for free.

    The School of the 2nd Clinical Medical Sciences conducted a series of activities to welcome freshmen. Every freshman came to school with a letter to their future self and delivered their dreams in the Youth Dreams Post Office in the residence hall. The school prepared each freshman a welcome package containing a customized postcard, a guide for freshmen, and so on. In addition, the academy specially held a birthday party for the freshmen who had birthdays in this month.

    The School of Nursing held its first meeting even before the registration. The counselor conducted the first-grade conference online early to handle queries. The seniors instructed freshmen without reservation, each offering a card to give suggestions, which helped the freshmen adjust to college life more rapidly and efficiently. Moreover, on the registration day, the academy prepared big gifts for all freshmen.

    The School of Stomatology meticulously prepared their special gifts consisting of customized canvas bags, elaborately designed fans, bookmarkers, and masks.

    The School of Public Health & Management hosted a warm birthday party for the freshmen who were born on 1st September.

    Vol.6 Farewell with Parents

    It’s your first time pursuing knowledge far away from home.

    If you stumble over words,

    let a sentimental hug and a photo

    speak the words from the bottom of your heart.

    We parted here.

    Walking alone is like an individual date with sceneries.

    Last but not least, here are five to-dos at WMU.

    Follow the list, and your daily life at WMU will be fruitful and unforgettable.

    Vol.1 At WMU! Feel the Changes of Rotating Seasons

    We wait for the magnolia to bloom

    Let it be the tracker to capture the dribs and drabs of Spring

    We enjoy the beauty of hydrangeas

    To feel the Endless Summer on campus

    We stroll on the cozy beds of ginkgo leaves

    It’s time to reap the harvest from our plowing and weeding

    We look forward to timely snow and the year ahead

    WMU is here with you year after year

    Vol.2 At WMU! Improve Yourselves in Clubs and Student Organizations

    Feel the bustle of battles between quantities of clubs

    Join clubs or organizations of your interest

    To foster the coordinating ability

    To acquire professional skills

    To make like-minded friends

    And gain unique college memories

    Vol.3 At WMU! Be the One Indulged in Learning

    WMU, a place native to straight A students,

    a place with an intense learning atmosphere,

    a place you can see students reading and learning everywhere

    Believe it or not

    It’s not easy to have a seat in the library at the end of the term

    Vol.4 At WMU! Pass on Love and Care

    In recent years,

    WMU has developed dozens of

    outstanding youth volunteering service projects which

    with profession and benevolence

    bring warmth to the world

    Here at WMU

    you can contribute

    Vol.5 At WMU! Unleash Your Talent for Scientific Research and Competitions

    All kinds of competitions for college students

    such as Challenge Cup, Internet +,

    English Proficiency Competition, Mathematical Contest in Modeling

    are waiting for your participation

    On the road of scientific research and taking part in competitions,

    you will grow into a person of preciseness and discipline

    with the capability of being a team-worker

    Here at WMU

    every student is expected to shine

    At WMU, the most significant thing is to be the best of yourself.

    Spare no effort to obtain whatever you yearn for, regardless of obstacles.

    Let’s work together with WMU to achieve common development

    and leave no regrets for the years to come.

    (Text provided by Chen Wenxiu, Zhang Yeqing, Li Suzhen, Wang Shuxuan, Li Yang, Zhu Jiaxin, Zhao Xudong, 

    translated by Wu Zehan, and reviewed by Sun You)