• WMU Virtual Teaching and Research Office of Biopharmaceuticals Gives Model Lesson by Academician
  • Author:Wang Wenxiu, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences    Date:May 3, 2022
  • In order to promote the development of the virtual teaching and research office of biopharmaceuticals, on the afternoon of April 19, WMU launched an online live public model lesson. Academician Li Xiaokun, head of the virtual teaching and research office and WMU president, was invited to give a lesson on “Genetic Engineering Drugs”. More than 1,000 teachers and students from over 120 universities, including Wuhan University, Jilin University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and China Pharmaceutical University, attended the seminar online and offline.

    Starting with the vivid and interesting natural phenomenon of gecko tail loss, Li Xiaokun introduced the amazing role of fibroblast growth factors (FGFs), a class of important functional proteins, in tissue regeneration and metabolic regulation. Combined with his team's theoretical research and innovative practice in the field of growth factors, Li Xiaokun elaborated their solutions to the three major difficulties of FGF protein expression, FGF protein purification, and FGF protein stability, and clarified the process of transformation, new drug development, and the application of them to clinical needs such as wound healing, corneal repair, nerve regeneration, and glycolipid metabolism regulation. Finally, Li Xiaokun used the stories of Nobel laureate Tu Youyou and Apple founder Steve Jobs to encourage teachers and students to carry forward the spirit of perseverance and craftsmanship, seek excellence in what they do, and serve the country and the people with their actions.

    The model lesson was taught along the line of drug discovery, drug research and development, drug transformation, drug production, and clinical application of fibroblast growth factor, integrating professional knowledge with political education. The lesson has shown the characteristics of innovative biopharmaceutical talent training in the biopharmaceutical program at WMU with "innovative drug research and development chain" as the focus, and provided a model and reference for many universities in the virtual teaching and research office of biopharmaceuticals.

    In class, Li Xiaokun had exchanges and interactions with the students online in a lively atmosphere.
    On February 15 this year, the Ministry of Education announced the first batch of virtual teaching and research offices for pilot development. Wenzhou Medical University was approved to establish a pilot "virtual teaching and research office of biopharmaceuticals", with Academician Li Xiaokun being head of the teaching and research office. Guided by the biopharmaceutical subcommittee of the pharmaceutical teaching steering committee of colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education and led by six national first-class biopharmaceutical programs, the virtual teaching and research office integrates the program development experience of 115 universities of different types and levels across the country, shares collective wisdom, pools collective resources, and accelerates the reform of classroom teaching to promote the standardization and high-quality school-running of biopharmaceutical programs across the country.

    Text Translated By Zheng Jiaqi And Reviewed By Sun You