• President and Academician Li Xiaokun talks with students about the spirit of Chinese scientists and the common dream of building a healthy China
  • Author:Zheng Lu, Yang Mingzhe, Academic Affairs Office    Date:April 21, 2022

  • On the afternoon of April 14, President and Academician Li Xiaokun visited the "Academician Forum" and gave a lecture on "Carry forward the spirit of scientists and Be dream chasers for a Healthy China". Zhu Xuebo, member of the WMU Party committee and director of the Academic Affairs Office, and nearly 1,000 students on- and off-line participated in this event.

    Academician Li Xiaokun shared with the students what he and his team have thought, realized, and felt in scientific research over the years, focusing on the six connotations of "the spirit of Chinese scientists". He affectionately recalled his upbringing and experiences in study and work and encouraged young students to always have a grateful heart and keep their sentiment toward our motherland forever. Academician Li described his experiences of choosing to take root in "growth factor" research: at that time, growth factor research was only a small subject that looked unpromising, nor was it a popular field of medical research. But he firmly believed that, big or small, what matters is its value to human beings and the country. It is with such persistent pursuit of this belief that he has been immersed in growth factor research for more than 30 years. He has stuck to the original intention and choice, insisted on exploration, and led his team to gather wisdom and tackle key problems. With effective teamwork, they have explored the clinical value of growth factors in depth and obtained multiple innovative research results and discoveries.

    In addition, Academician Li also spoke of Nobel Prize Laureate Tu Youyou devoting herself to studying artemisinin for decades. He used this story to guide the students to establish a craftsmanship spirit, dare to seek the truth, have the courage to explore and question, strive for excellence, keep concentrated like constant droppings wearing the stone, be down to earth, and develop excellent skills and abilities.

    The question-and-answer session was carried out in a lively atmosphere. Students participated actively and had face-to-face communications with Academician Li. "How should undergraduates find their own scientific research directions?" "What are the pressing issues in China's medical innovation? How to handle them?" "What is the biggest difficulty you have encountered in your scientific research experience? How did you overcome it?" "How to balance the curricular academic burden and extracurricular activities?" Academician Li Xiaokun answered all the questions in detail. The students present said that the lecture was not only full of authentic knowledge but also touching feelings, and they have gained a great deal.

    The event came to an end with warm applause, and the students all came to the stage to take photos with Academician Li.

    The "Academician Forum" is a high-level teaching brand activity for undergraduates planned and launched by the Academic Affairs Office, aiming to build a platform for students to communicate with top masters directly. Since its launch in 2020, a number of well-known academicians have been invited to discuss growth stories, share scientific research experiences, and look forward to the future of education development. These courses have shown the demeanor of the academicians and educated the students to feel the perseverance, persistence, and humanistic brilliance behind scientific research, which enlightens the students and fosters their development.



    Text translated by Zhang Kaiyue and reviewed by Sun You.