• WMU Awarded as Zhejiang International Culture Exchange Base
  • Recently, the Information Office of Zhejiang Provincial People's Government and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism jointly issued the "Notice on Naming Zhejiang International Cultural Exchange Bases", recognizing 20 units as Zhejiang International Culture Exchange Bases, and Wenzhou Medical University was listed.


    In recent years, Wenzhou Medical University has made full use of the economic and cultural advantages of Zhejiang and the advantages of Wenzhou and Wenzhou Medical University in Sino-foreign exchanges, medical specialties, and medical resources, and gradually formed an international cultural exchange center with the World Young Scientist Summit as the platform and life and health as the core. WMU has established a culture exchange team mainly composed of management personnel, faculty, international students, and alumni, taken advantage of the Confucius Institute to carry out cultural activities with the theme of traditional Chinese medicine, and organized medical teams to go to Burkina Faso in Africa many times to provide eye health volunteer service. WMU has been approved as an International Internet Celebrity Incubation Base, trained a group of international students who know and love China, and continued to tell the story of WMU to the world. WMU has cooperated with the Publicity Department of the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism to create the "A Journey of Modern Marco Polo" for international communication. As the main venue of the World Young Scientist Summit, WMU effectively interacts with the global young elites through the summit and arouses their interest in coming and understanding China, promoting the international exchanges of scientific and technological talents.


    It is reported that Zhejiang Provincial Government launched the construction of the "Zhejiang International Culture Exchange Base" in 2020, focusing on international exchanges and cooperation, overseas cultural communication, and international image creation, to build a group of globally influential culture exchange bases that reflect the characteristics of Zhejiang and represent the image of China. These exchange bases are shining windows for "the world to know Zhejiang" and promote Zhejiang’s construction of a high-level "Belt and Road" international cultural exchange hub. The 20 units named Zhejiang International Culture Exchange Base this time include cultural and tourism institutions, higher learning institutions, cultural heritage institutions, museums, non-governmental organizations, and cultural industry parks, among which five are colleges and universities.

    Text translated by Guan Xiaolin and reviewed by Sun You.