• Photos of the year: a look back through 2021

  • The year of 2021 will soon come to an end


    What have you seen?

    What have you done?

    What have you gained?


    There are countless unforgettable moments.


    On January 9, the Second Congress of the Communist Party of China Wenzhou Medical University elected a new CPC Wenzhou Medical University Committee and the CPC Wenzhou Medical University Commission for Discipline Inspection. 

    On February 24, Chen Zewei, a student of Wenzhou Medical University, after having donated stem cells six months ago, made another donation of lymphocytes to help strangers.

    On March 16, WMU held a mobilization and deployment meeting for Party history learning and education in the XuGuang Hall, Chashan Campus.

    On March 24, Lin Guanghui, a 106-year-old Party member, was able to regain his sight after undergoing a cataract surgery at the Affiliated Eye Hospital.

    In April, the Wushulian 2021 Chinese University Rankings is released. WMU ranked 95th - a steady progress from the last year.

    On April 7th, WMU set up 6 propaganda groups of Party history learning and education - "Walking Red Class", aiming at different kinds of audiences.

    On April 12, WMU arranged COVID-19 vaccination for faculty and students.

    On April 21, the first plenary meeting of the first council of Oujiang Laboratory was held; Academician Song Weihong, the academic vice president of WMU, was appointed as the director of Oujiang Laboratory, and Academician Li Xiaokun, the president of WMU, was appointed as the chief scientist of the Lab.

    On April 28, WMU held the "May fourth Youth Poetry Gala".

    On May 9, the theme forum of the medical session of 2021 Wenzhou World-wide Wenzhounese Friendship Union was held, focusing on the in-depth discussion of "medical Wenzhounese phenomenon".

    On June 23, WMU held a ceremony for the presentation of the commemorative medals for some Party members in honor of their "glorious 50 years in the Party ".

    On June 24, WMU held an exhibition on the theme of "Always Follow the Party", and a theme exhibition of "Let the red gene torch pass down from generation to generation".

    On the morning of July 1, faculty and students of Wenzhou Medical University watched the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

    On July 2, WMU held the graduation ceremony of the second batch of 2021 undergraduate students. 5673 graduates would start their journey from Wenzhou Medical University to different parts of China.

    On July 14, a group of students from Wenzhou Medical University rescued a drowning person during their summer social practice.

    On September 9th, Wenzhou Medical University welcomed the 2021 freshmen.

    On September 24, WMU held the 100th anniversary of the birth of Professor Huang Dashu and the inauguration ceremony of the School of Pediatrics and the Institute of Pediatrics.

    On October 15, Wenzhou Medical University won two gold awards and seven silver awards in the the 7th China International College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, ranking first nationally in the number of gold awards among independent medical colleges and universities for three consecutive years.

    On October 28, Affiliated Quzhou Hospital of WMU opened a new campus - Boundary Central Hospital of Four Provinces.

    This year, WMU’s number of disciplines in the top 1% of ESI World Ranking has increased to 8. Medical Technology has been listed in the Primary Category Discipline PhD Programs.

    On November 11, WMU signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Turin, Italy.

    On November 12, the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences held a ceremony to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the School.

    On November 13, 2021 World Young Scientists Summit opened at WMU, which further enhanced the international impact of WMU. This year, a breakthrough has been made in talent cultivation, including the introduction of 1 member of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and 6 new national talents. Some faculty members were selected into the provincial "Kunpeng Action" plan, and some won the titles of "National Experts with Outstanding Contributions" by the National Health and Family Planning Commission and "Zhejiang Provincial Super Experts". WMU was also approved as Workstation for Foreign Experts in Zhejiang.

    On November 13, the School of Rehabilitation Medicine jointly established by WMU and the China Rehabilitation Research Center was officially launched.

    On November 25, WMU held a commendation conference for scientific and technological achievements in 2021. This year, WMU has undertaken more than 200 national and provincial scientific research projects, built 1 Key Laboratory of the State Food and Drug Administration and other high-level research platform, and won the first prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Award and the second prize of Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award. Three affiliated hospitals are ranked among China's top 100 hospitals in terms of technology impact.

    After the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee was held, WMU set up a propaganda group composed of "university leaders, experts and scholars, grassroots Party members, youth", centering on the spirit of the Plenary Session, holding lectures and symposia for the faculty and students.

    On December 2, the South Zhejiang Institute of Radiology and Nuclear Technology Application was inaugurated, marking the establishment and opening of the first institute of radiology and nuclear technology application jointly built by medical universities, local governments and nuclear power enterprises.

    On December 7th, Huang Junting, a student of WMU, won the national honorary title of "The Most Beautiful University Student". This is the first time for WMU students to win this honor, and there are only 10 students nationwide who have won the title this year.

    On December 11, 25 medical and nursing staff from the First Affiliated Hospital and the Second Affiliated Hospital rushed to Shaoxing to fight against the epidemic in Shangyu.

    On December 16, "WMU Micro Campus", online approval system of funding, “Smart Student Service”v1.0, and other digital systems were released.

    On December 20, WMU published the research results in the top international clinical medical journal JAMA (impact factor 56.27) as the first author.

    On December 31, WMU held a conference of undergraduate education and teaching. This year, WMU has 16 national first-class undergraduate professional construction sites, and has newly set clinical medicine - new medicine, geriatrics, radiology and other "5+3" majors. 29 majors ranked the first in terms of qualifying scores of entrance examinations among the same or similar majors in provincial universities and colleges.

    Every one chasing their dreams would be memorized by history

    Every drop of sweat would finally build the future

    Your efforts will never fail you

    And time will repay those who cherish it

    Here’s to you,and to the passing 2021!

    May the coming year of 2022 be even better!

    (Translated by Pan Xi and Reviewed by Chen Huan.)