• Good News! Wenzhou Medical University Approved as Workstation for Foreign Experts in Zhejiang
  • Recently, the Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province has announced the list of units selected as 2021 Workstation for Foreign Experts in Zhejiang, and WMU is on the list. Among the ten selected units, three are universities and research institutes and seven are enterprises. Wenzhou Medical University is the first unit to be selected in Wenzhou.

    The establishment of the Workstation for Foreign Experts in Zhejiang is aimed to encourage various employers to introduce a group of high-level foreign talents and teams who are able to break through barriers of key technologies and drive the development of emerging disciplines and high-tech industries, exert the primary role of the market, the guiding role of government, and the leading and demonstrating role of industries, so as to guide related industries, cultivate industrial talents, promote industrial transformation and upgrade, and boost regional economic development. The project starts in 2020 and plans to set up around 50 workstations in five years with ten selected each year.

    WMU has been committed to introducing high-level foreign experts and teams. The university has two Higher Education Discipline Innovation Introduction Bases (111 Base) of the Ministry of Science and Technology and has introduced two fellows of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and a group of national and provincial foreign experts. This has strengthened the cooperation and communication between WMU and well-known foreign universities and scientific research institutions, promoted the development of clinical medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology and other disciplines of WMU, enhanced the construction of talent teams at WMU and increased its comprehensive strength and capacity for sustainable development.


    Text translated by Yu Yena and reviewed by Sun You.