• Meet onl​ine and set sail at WMU|Wenzhou Medical University Holds the Opening Ceremony for the 2021 International Freshmen
  • Author:    Date:November 13, 2021
  • On the afternoon of October 28, the Wenzhou Medical University Opening Ceremony for Batch of 2021 International Students was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of the Tongxin building. Sixty undergraduate and postgraduate students from 25 countries including the United States, Malaysia, Thailand, Jamaica, and Myanmar participated in this special ceremony online and offline. Vice President Cao Jianming, representative teachers from relevant schools, and heads of related functional departments such as the International Affairs Office, Youth League Committee, and Security Office attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Jin Litai, dean of the School of International Studies.

    Vice President Cao Jianming delivered a welcome speech and sent wishes to 2021 freshmen that they should be erudite, liberal, diligent, and thoughtful; they should cherish extensive love and practice medicine to help the world; they should have an in-depth understanding of China and be good ambassadors to promote people-to-people exchanges among all countries. He also wished for an early end to the global epidemic and hoped to meet 2021 freshmen at the beautiful Wenzhou Medical University campus as soon as possible.

    Faculty Representative Zhou Peng from the School of Basic Medical Sciences encouraged students to set out their medical dreams and become excellent doctors and scholars by studying hard, practicing more, and developing friendships. On behalf of the postgraduate freshmen, Malake Sarmout from Lebanon expressed her gratitude and love for China. As a Chinese government scholarship winner, she hoped to realize her dream of scientific research in the medical field through her study at the Wenzhou Medical University. Undergraduate Student Representative Bahtat Rim from Morocco said that China's anti-epidemic story demonstrated its strong ability in medicine and health. She was proud that she could realize her medical dream at WMU.

    At the end of the ceremony, online and offline 2021 freshmen solemnly read out the Hippocratic Oath together, led by AKITI STEPHEN, “I am determined to strive diligently to eliminate man’s suffering, enhance man’s health conditions and uphold the chasteness and honor of medicine……”.

    At the orientation training for freshmen, in order to better integrate international freshmen into WMU, Deputy Dean of the School of International Studies Miao Liyi, Foreign Teacher Numan Shahid and Professor Ye Xiaoxia communicated with online and offline students from the perspectives of the university’s development, studying abroad at WMU and laboratory safety respectively.

    After more than a decade of development, WMU has formed a multi-disciplinary and multi-level pattern of international education for undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and non-diploma students, involving education for international students, Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, and running schools abroad. By the end of 2020, WMU has trained nearly 1000 excellent medical graduates for more than 60 countries.

    (Text translated by Ye Zi and reviewed by Sun You.)