• International Students of School of International Studies Visit China Gene Medicine Valley for Outdoor Education
  • Author:    Date:October 8, 2021
  • In order to deepen the international students' cognition of their major and understanding of theoretical knowledge, on the afternoon of September 16th, the international students majoring in pharmacy were organized to visit China Gene Medicine Valley to carry out research activities led by Professor Fan Yintan of School of Marxism and Professor Yu Dawei of School of International Studies. The innovation of “moving” the after-school class into the Medicine Valley allowed students to experience the development and charm of medical technology directly.

    First of all, all the members visited the Window of Growth Factor Science and Technology Museum. Under the bilingual explanation of the teacher in the museum and Teacher Fan Yintan, they visited and learned in detail about various innovative scientific research achievements and progress focusing on growth factors and disease treatment, mainly recombinant protein drugs and antibody drugs, made by Academician Li Xiaokun’s team, medical scientific research and technological achievement awards obtained by WMU since its establishment, and the overall construction process of the China Gene Medicine Valley. During the visit, the international students also showed their strong interest in the research and development of the growth factor treatment technology of Academician Li Xiaokun's team. While carefully listening to and studying the development process of these scientific research achievements, they also shared their observations on drug research and development.

    Then the group was guided to visit the Ouhai Life and Health Town and experience the healthy and green concepts shown in the construction of Ouhai Life and Health Town. They learned about the grand construction plan of the town focusing on the six industries of precision medicine, genetic diagnosis, in vitro testing, medical devices, new drug research and development, and medical health care. They experienced the whole dynamic process of generating medical research results, from theoretical research to transformation, application, and production, which stimulated their innovative and applied thinking, promoting the delivery of research results.

    This research activity also provided a live broadcast for distance students, attracting a total of 200 viewers. Overseas students could "get close to" the China Gene Medicine Valley, had an in-depth understanding of the development of the medical research achievements of WMU, and established proper principles of medical research and spirit of study.

    Since the onset of the epidemic last year, the School of International Studies has taken this opportunity to actively promote the construction of the “1+N” full-dimensional, full-scenario online and offline interactive teaching model, deepen the “production-study-research” integrated education system, encourage and promote practical education, making study serve the practical purpose.


    (Text translated by Fu Xinyi and reviewed by Sun You.)