• WMU Welcomes Nearly 7000 Freshmen
  • Author:    Date:September 23, 2021
  • On September 9th and 10th, the Wenzhou Medical University welcomed nearly 7000 freshmen (including Wenzhou Medical University Renji College and postgraduates).

    Based on the experience of welcoming new students in previous years and the epidemic situation, the university took advantage of information technology and realized the new registration mode of "one-stop online formalities and one-second facial recognition check-in", simplifying the operation process and improving the admission experience of new students. When entering the campus or dormitory, new students only need to "spend one second to scan their faces for identification" to complete on-site registration. The university organized new students to apply for the "college student campus code", strictly implemented the entry rules of qualification check, temperature measurement and registration, and guided new students to enter the dormitory area in an orderly manner. The schools also prepared a variety of "special packages" in combination with professional characteristics. The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences gave new students handmade herbal soaps which were independently researched and developed by the school and delivered great cleaning results.


    "Welcome new students" "Welcome to Wenzhou Medical University"... Inside and outside the campus, welcoming paintings and banners created a welcoming atmosphere. The university actively organized and mobilized teachers and students to carry out volunteer services for the registration of freshmen. And all departments, faculties, and students took active actions, leaving good and warm memories for the first meeting between freshmen and Wenzhou Medical University. The university also rented a community bus specially, which greatly facilitated the new students' luggage handling. On the day of registration, the university opened a green lane of "Freshmen Love Gift pack" including a mobile phone for students in need of financial assistance. This year, considering the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the university sent mobile phones to freshmen in need in advance to help them complete registration. On the day of orientation, several new students' birthdays were also celebrated, and the school of Public Health & Management and the School of the 2nd Clinical Medical Sciences held birthday parties for them.

    At noon on September 9, university leaders Lu Yijun, Cheng Jinguo, Cao Jianming, and Jin Shengwei came to the registration sites and freshmen dormitories for visits. In the dormitory, they had a cordial talk with the freshmen. "Did you come by yourself or with your parents?" "As a local student in Wenzhou, I hope you can help students from other provinces adapt to the new environment as soon as possible." "Pay special attention to personal hygiene. The epidemic is not over yet, so students should not relax control." The school leaders encouraged the freshmen to adapt to the new changes as soon as possible, to integrate into the new environment, and to embark on a new journey.

    The colleges launched a series of warm and creative activities to welcome new students, attracting their attention. In the School of Basic Medical Sciences, many freshmen took part in Instagram check-ins and "I have a Message for Teachers" activities to express their expectations for future teachers and their visions of college life. The School of the 1st Clinical Medical Sciences (School of Information and Engineering) and the School of Laboratory Science and Life Science launched online live streaming to help freshmen better and faster understand the campus and adapt to the new life. The School of Nursing sent more than 600 custom kits for Class 2021 students, which included practical items carefully selected by senior students as well as "tips" for life and study. The School of Ophthalmology & Optometry (School of Biomedical Engineering) organized all the Class 2021 freshmen to write down their greetings or signatures for themselves to complete the "EYE 2021" signature wall. The School of Stomatology carefully prepared freshmen gift packages including custom canvas bags, custom student manuals, fans, custom bookmarks, Asian Games volunteer recruitment books, and other innovative cultural and creative products. Alberta Institute made a "time capsule" of freshmen's vision and plans for the future to fix their original aspirations in words.


    (Text provided by Zhou Lixing, Liu Letian, He Yiting, Hu Chonghan, Lei Xieyifang, Huang Mengjie, Zhou Xin, Ye Zixin, Wu Rongbin, Chen Luyao, Deng Hanyi, Zou Xinyi; translated by Zhang Xi and reviewed by Sun You.)