• WMU's admission scores for 29 majors rank first among provincial undergraduate colleges
  • Author:    Date:September 14, 2021
  • On July 19, Zhejiang province announced this year’s cut-off points for undergraduate colleges. Wenzhou Medical University's admission scores for 29 majors ranked first among provincial colleges and universities of the same kind, eight of which were among the top 10 majors with the highest cut-off points in provincial colleges and universities. Besides, WMU enrolled the most top 10,000 students among provincial universities. The highest admission score of the Ophthalmology & Optometry (New Medicine) was 668 points. The cut-off point of the Ophthalmology & Optometry (5+3 Integrated Program) exceeded that of the special enrollment majors by 65 points, ranking first among all majors of provincial colleges and universities for five consecutive years.


    The overall quality of students has improved

    WMU enrolled 2,163 students in Zhejiang province for undergraduate majors. All 34 undergraduate majors had their cut-off points above the threshold for first-tier universities. The number of majors with cut-off points above the threshold for special enrollment majors has increased to 28. The admission scores of clinical medicine majors all ranked first in Zhejiang. In particular, the admission score of the Clinical Medicine major was more than 20 points higher than its counterparts.


    The new featured majors have attracted students of quality

    WMU has actively applied the new development philosophy of undergraduate education in the new era, implemented the national strategy of training urgently needed talent and the provincial strategy of developing higher education, and strengthened the training of "four new" talent. WMU added a new Clinical Medicine (New Medicine) major and extended the "5+3 Integration" majors. The enrollment lines for the first year were more than 50 points higher than that of the special enrollment majors. Students enrolled by the Clinical Medicine (New Medicine) major had the highest score of 649 and the lowest score of 644, with an average of 645.4. Students enrolled by the three new "5+3 Integration" majors had a maximum of 645 points and a minimum of 640 points.


    Primary medical personnel training students quality is excellent

    As one of the first medical colleges to undertake the directed training task of rural-oriented undergraduate medical students in Zhejiang Province, our university has put forward and practiced the "WMU’s mode" of “unified provincial enrollment and examination under national standards, and county hospitals management of general practitioners working for rural grassroots medical institutions” for general practitioner training. WMU strengthened the training of grassroots medical talents in 2021, continued to enroll students for the Rural-oriented Clinical Medicine major and added three new rural-oriented majors, namely Preventive Medicine, Pediatrics, and Medical Imaging, with a total enrollment plan of 150 students. All the students enrolled had scores above the special enrollment control line of 589 points, with the highest score of 633 points, showing examinees and parents’ recognition for the quality of our rural-oriented medical education.


    Enrollment of various majors of Wenzhou Medical University in Zhejiang in 2021