• Gather the industry pioneer, lead the bright future -- Vision China 2021 in Haikou
  • Vision China 2021, an international forum on the innovation and development of visual health, was held at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center from July 15 to 18, accompanied by the aroma of coconuts in the height of summer. The three-day forum consisted of 46 sub-forums, 432 presentations, 14 continuing medical education sessions, eight Wet Lab training camps, six work meetings, four press conferences, and two tryouts… Besides, the forum brought together 112 enterprises from 20 cities across the country, which engaged in 11 fields such as medicine, information, glasses, network, public welfare, big data and investment management, covering the whole industrial chain of visual health. The forum attracted over 5,000 participants, including 373 experts and scholars from 12 countries and regions.

    Vision China, which has been held seven times so far, is one of the most popular and influential academic meetings on ophthalmology and optometry. The conference features internationalization, high level, diversity and innovation. It adheres to innovation in inheritance and keeps growing in innovation. Each time there are new ideas and breakthroughs that benefit the participants. Vision China 2021 has achieved a new height with these eight major highlights.

    Highlight One: Presidents gathered to demonstrate management of eye care industry.

    The Leadership Forum of Eye Care --- Presidents Show the Management was one of the main focuses among the sub-forums. Topical management issues discussed included: How to develop ophthalmology in public hospitals, how to develop discipline construction in hospitals, how to innovate and develop daycare in eye hospitals, the development of ophthalmology in TCM in the new era, and so on. The conference invited experts in hospital management from 11 nationally renowned hospitals in China to make a special analysis, discuss solutions to key and difficult problems in the process of high-quality hospital development, and summarize and share practical problems in hospital management, to promote high-quality development of the hospital.

    Highlight Two: Experts studied new myopia prevention and control measures in depth.

    As a national strategy and a hot topic of people’s livelihoods, myopia prevention and control has always been the focus of Vision China which is an important platform for in-depth discussions by authoritative experts. On July 16, the Ministry of Education’s National Mission of Experts on Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents held a thematic sub-forum, where experts from all over the country interpreted core policies, pooled their unique experiences, and discussed the “China Model” for the prevention and control of myopia. At the same time, the 7th China Myopia Conference also set a series of sub-sessions to display the clinical, teaching, research, and scientific popularization experience and achievements of myopia prevention and control.

    Highlight Three: Guidance on real-world research

    In recent years, real-world Data and real-world evidence have attracted people’s attention. In June 2019, the State Food and Drug Administration launched a real-world pilot study on glaucoma drainage tubes in Boao Hope City, Hainan province. On March 27, 2020, the product got approved to be on the market, which is the first medical device using real-world data for registration in China. The conference invited big names to share their views on the relationship between real-world research and traditional clinical research, its importance and prospects. In addition, the blockchain real-world research data application platform also made a blockbusting debut at the conference.

    Highlight Four: Numerous innovative and integrative products and technologies were launched.

    Despite the boundaries of industries, fields, and disciplines, new technologies, trends, and ideas of vision care converged here. Peking University BoYa Optometry Forum, Beijing Tongren Optometry Forum......More and more famous colleges and universities chose to set up sub-forums in Vision China, attracting a splendid gathering of scholars and experts. The industries of glasses, optometry, eye disease specialty fused with each other to explore the possibilities of win-win cooperation. The most advanced new technologies at home and abroad emerged in the 2021 Surgery Master semi-final — new technology session, New Technology in Bo’ao International Ophthalmology, and New Technology in Health Lighting and Health Display were impressive and mind-blowing.

    Highlight Five: Young generation displayed their talent at the meeting.

    Being future-minded, Vision China always has a stage reserved for young people. The Wet/dry lab training camp of the conference built up a series of high-end “practical classes” for young students, together with a number of sub-forums for them to speak out and show their youthful demeanor. More than 100 outstanding university students took part and had fun in events of A Gathering of Optometry Talents, Face-to-face between Youths and Masters, Youth Summit Forum, Ophthalmology Forum of College Students, Chinese College Student Crops for Myopia Control and Prevention Forum. Ophthalmology and optometry students from all over the country jointly established the Chinese College Student Crops for Myopia Control and Prevention to contribute their youth strength in myopia prevention and control.

    Highlight Six: Eye Valley achieved great results in industrialization.

    Visual optics, ophthalmic drugs, ophthalmic devices, ophthalmic materials and ophthalmic smart medicine... At present, vision health-related industrial projects are developing rapidly and present a trend of agglomeration. As the only full industrial chain science and innovation park in the field of eye health in China and even in the world, China Eye Valley has drawn wide attention. At the conference, China Eye Valley drew a lot of attention with its great achievements.

    Highlight Seven: Interesting new styles of health science popularization.

    How to make eye health science popularization more fashionable? How to make the dissemination of eye health knowledge more deeply rooted in minds? In addition to the Aier Lecture Room and the National Eye Health Science Museum Construction and Development Forum, this year’s Vision China conference also offered relaxing and interesting content such as “Roast”, “Flirting Friends”, and “Let's Talk” speech contest. Rigorous knowledge of eye health was innovatively integrated into the hot and trending topics on the Internet by these experts of science popularization in a relaxed and lively academic atmosphere.

    Highlight Eight: Major and latest eye health news was broadcasted here.

    The annual Vision China conference is not only a grand event for optometric academic exchanges but also an arena for launching new products, technologies, and scientific results. Participants were dazzled by hundreds of sub-forums at the 20,000-odd square meter venue. The conference creatively set up a news station and held four press conferences in three days. Dozens of mainstream and professional media were invited to attend the conference. The news was delivered in a timely and accurate manner through forms of rolling news releases, live broadcasts and special interviews. All kinds of “blockbuster news” and good news in the field of vision health, major achievements, new technologies and projects were gathered to make an appearance here.

    China Vision 2021 has concluded in the midsummer sunlight, but this is not an end. The exchanges, integration, collision, and absorption have inspired, benefited and guided each participant to start a new journey.

    Let’s look forward to Vision China 2022!