• WMU Alumnus, Former Ghana’s Deputy Ambassador to China Dr. Charles Dwamena Visits Campus
  • On the afternoon of July 14, Former Ghana’s Deputy Ambassador to China Dr. Charles Dwamena and his colleagues visited our university. WMU Vice President Jin Shengwei attended the meeting, together with the staff of the General Office (Office of Alumni Affairs), the International Affairs Office, and the School of International Studies.

    At the meeting, Jin Shengwei welcomed Dr. Charles Dwamena and his colleagues on behalf of the university and thanked him for his effort and contribution to boosting the cooperation between WMU and Ghana and other African countries over the years. He hoped that Dr. Charles Dwamena would continue to promote the “going global” of high-quality medical education resources of WMU and the “bringing in” of outstanding international students, and contribute to WMU’s international cooperation and exchanges. He said, “WMU is your home forever, do come back often.”

    Dr. Charles Dwamena said that he missed the five years spent at Wenzhou Medical University very much, and expressed his gratitude to WMU and its people for their help and encouragement. The life at WMU had provided him with great help and motivation for his development and career, and it also strengthened his determination to serve the people of Ghana and promote China-Ghana cooperation. Meanwhile, he said that in the future, he would continue to deepen the cooperation with his alma mater and boost cooperation in the fields of medical education, medical assistance, and talents exchange between China and Canada.

    During his visit, Dr. Charles Dwamena participated in the “WMU Alumni Forum and the School of International Studies Alumni Have Something to Say” event launched by the School of International Study, giving a lecture entitled “My Story with China” and was awarded the honorary title of “Outstanding Alumni of School of International Studies, WMU”.

    Dr. Charles Dwamena, who studied clinical medicine at the School of International Studies, is a stellar example of WMU’s international alumni. After graduation, he returned to Ghana to engage in education for sustainable development and to promote healthcare in rural and suburban communities in Ghana. He was appointed as Deputy Ambassador of Ghana to China in May 2017 and completed his term of office in 2020. Under his active promotion and help, WMU has signed a cooperation agreement with Ghana Tamale Teaching Hospital to set up an Advanced Vision Center of Excellence and carry out cooperation in medical assistance and training. At the same time, he has actively taken part in and promoted the African Midwifery Assistant Training Program held by WMU in 2018 and 2019 which played a significant role in boosting the training of medical talents and improving the health conditions of pregnant women and newborns in Africa.