• Monash University Professor John Carroll delivers WMU online lecture

  • Recently, Professor John Carroll, member of the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Committee and dean of the Sub-Faculty of Biomedical Sciences at Monash University, as well as the foreign director of the WMU-Monash BDI Alliance in Clinical Experimental Biomedicine was invited to give an online lecture on “Female fertility: aging, errors, energy” for WMU teachers and students. The event is jointly organized by the International Affairs Office of WMU and the International Affairs Office of the Second Affiliated Hospital. Professor Xie Congying, vice president of the Second Affiliated Hospital and Yuying Children’s Hospital of WMU presided over the event and made opening remarks. WMU students and researchers attended the lecture online or on site.

    Professor Carroll introduced the concepts of reproduction, infertility, and in vitro fertilization. He shared his opinions on how aging affects reproduction and why eggs are susceptible and analyzed chromosomal errors and mitochondrial function in depth. In the following Q&A stage, students put various questions regarding not only reproductive medicine but also career development. Professor Carroll was willing to share his ideas and gave a detailed reply. In the end, Lin Geyin, vice director of the International Affairs Office of WMU, summarized the event and thanked again for Professor Carroll’s marvelous lecture.

    This is the second lecture in the series of “WMU Lectures by Overseas Masters 2021”, also part of Vista - Lecture Room” organized by the Second Affiliated Hospital of WMU. “WMU Lectures by Overseas Masters” is one of WMU’s signature programs that aims to expand students’ internationalized vision through high-level academic exchanges. It also contributes to WMU’s internationalization, discipline construction, and international talents cultivation, giving a considerable boost to WMU’s global standing.

    Professor Carol has engaged in female reproduction, infertility, oocyte and embryo development for a long time. He is a globally recognized expert on reproductive medicine, whose work has been published in various leading journals. He has continuously introduced cutting-edge technology and talents since 2013 and carried out cooperation deeply with the Reproductive Medicine Center of the Second Affiliated Hospital of WMU on artificial insemination, embryo development, and so on. Under his active preparation and guidance, in 2018, WMU and Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, one of the largest and highest-quality biomedical research institutes in Australia, jointly established WMU-Monash BDI Alliance in Clinical Experimental Biomedicine which focuses on joint research and personnel training in cancer, cardiovascular disease, development and stem cells, and so on. He was recommended by WMU to receive the 2020 Westlake Friendship Award for his great contribution.