• Professor Lu Fan receives the title of Special-grade Expert of Zhejiang

    On the afternoon of June 15, the Zhejiang Science and Technology Rewarding Conference was held at the Zhejiang Provincial Great Hall of the People. Yuan Jiajun, secretary of the provincial Party Committee and chairperson of the standing committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, and Zheng Shanjie, deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee and governor of Zhejiang province, attended the conference. Provincial leaders attending presented prizes to representatives of the sixth batch of Special-grade Expert of Zhejiang Province to the sound of thunderous applause. WMU Professor and Doctoral Supervisor Lu Fan, director of the National Clinical Medical Research Center for Eye Disease, received the certificate on stage.

    The Special-grade Expert of Zhejiang Province is the highest academic and technical title established by Zhejiang province. It is selected every three years with no more than 30 recipients each time. There are 29 people selected for the sixth batch of Special-grade Experts of Zhejiang province this year. Qualified candidates are nationally leading experts and scholars who have made significant achievements in the fields of basic or applied research in natural science, engineering science and technology, and humanities and social sciences.

    Lu Fan is now the director of the National Clinical Medical Research Center for Eye Disease, the deputy chief of the National Expert Publicity Group for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Myopia among Children and Adolescents, the deputy director of the Teaching Guidance Committee for Clinical Medicine under the Ministry of Education, the chairperson of the Asian Branch of International Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Prevention and Control, the vice president of the Ophthalmologist Doctor Association under the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and the director of the Vision Care Association of China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Healthcare.

    Professor Lu Fan's team innovatively established China's first optometry and ophthalmology higher education system and hospital, realizing the integrated development of medicine, education, and research, with obvious advantages and distinctive features. The team has committed to the basic research and clinical technology of optometry and ophthalmology for more than 20 years and contributed to the development of myopia experimental models, ocular imaging technology, and clinical treatment for children with complex refractive problems. They have undertaken many significant and key research and development projects, such as the National Key Research and Development Program, the National Major Scientific Instrument and Equipment Development Program, and the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program). The team has received the second prizes of the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the National Teaching Achievement Award. The eye health medical service system created by the team has provided the public with a new high-quality medical service pattern of ophthalmology, and its scale and strength has contributed greatly to the field of ophthalmology and vision science in the world. Professor Lu Fan has won the National May 1st Labor Medal, the title of Model Worker in Zhejiang province, the title of March 8th Red-Banner Holder, the Social Service Award for Chinese Female Scientific and Technological Worker, and served as a deputy to the 10th and 11th National People's Congress.