• Moving with Time, Let Youth Bloom, WMU Stages(the first)Graduation Ceremony for Undergraduates and College Students
  • Passion in May, youth in Bloom. On the morning of May 28th, WMU held the first graduation ceremony in 2021 for undergraduates and college students in the Student Activity Center at the Chashan campus to see 1819 college graduates off to go on a new journey. WMU leaders LvYijun, Chen Peigen, Cheng Jinguo, Wang Liangxin, Jin Shengwei, Lv Wenge, Wang Junhong, Li Junhong, Zhu Xuebo attended the ceremony, together with heads of relevant departments and schools, and representatives of teachers, alumni, and graduates, to witness this solemn moment. The ceremony was presided over by Cheng Jinguo, the deputy secretary of WMU Party Committee.

    Secretary of WMU Party Committee Lv Yijun delivered a speech to encourage the graduates to keep pace with the time and let the youth bloom. He said this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. As the first Centenary Goal is to be achieved on schedule, our students are expected to work hard and keep on struggling for the second Centenary Goal. He hoped that students would hold fast to the values, learn to choose with the ability to master choices and the determination to make choices, go straight and reach far on the path of life. He encouraged students to draw strength from pioneering innovation and pursuit of excellence, keep motherland in mind, be willing to make sacrifices, take into account both the domestic and international imperatives, and incorporate youth and self-struggle into this great age and the stage of life.

    Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and WMU President Li Xiaokun, on behalf of the university, sent his congratulations to the graduates by video for completing their studies successfully. “Those days of hard work and great passion will become the most wonderful memories in your lives…” said Li Xiaokun sincerely. He encouraged the graduates, as the surging younger generation, to be brave to breakthrough when they are young and forge ahead without fear of wind and rain.

    Teacher representative Wang Xiaojie encouraged the graduates to forge ahead following the school motto “compassion, reverence, diligence, modesty, make efforts and seek truth” and Wenzhou’s “Four-thousand Spirit”, serve the people with real skills and knowledge, and contribute to the country with innovation and creation. Cai Zhenqing, WMU graduate of Class 2005, deputy director of Nursing Department of the Second Hospital of Jiaxing, and ‘National Advanced Individual in Combating COVID-19’, shared her understandings of the nursing profession and healthcare undertakings and inspired the graduates to become talents with dreams, faith, and love for the Motherland, health undertakings and alma mater. Meng Chaobo, graduate of Class 2021 of Renji College, reviewed his youth in Wenzhou Medical University and experience of donating hematopoietic stem cells and expressed his gratitude and wistful feelings for the university, teachers, and classmates.

    At the ceremony, representatives of the graduates presented flowers to the indefatigable teachers, to express their respects and thanks. University leaders awarded awards to the recipients of Outstanding Graduates of Zhejiang Province and Outstanding Graduates of WMU and issued certificates to alumni liaison ambassadors and alumni liaison representatives. Professor Lv Yijun conferred degrees on 12 graduate representatives.

    “You are my everything, yearning for your longings, glad about your happiness, stay true to the mission, keep moving, thousands of rivers and mountains, the most beautiful Chinese roads…” At the end of the ceremony, College Student Art Club sang Stay True to Original Intention together, which inspired all graduates to uphold the mission, set out on a new journey, keep moving and safeguard human health.

    Graduates of Class 2020 from all schools were invited to attend this ceremony, making up for their regret that they were not able to attend the ceremony last year due to the COVID-19.