• Academician Song Weihong at WMU appointed as director of Oujiang Lab, Academician Li Xiaokun as principal scientist
  • On April 21, the first plenary session of the first council of the Oujiang Laboratory was held. Academician Song Weihong, vice academic president of WMU, was formally appointed as the director of Oujiang Laboratory. Academician and WMU President Li Xiaokun was appointed as the principal scientist of the laboratory. Mayor Yao Gaoyuan, chairman of the Oujiang Laboratory council, issued appointment letters to the newly appointed personnel.

    Oujiang Laboratory is of vital importance in Wenzhou’s creation of an innovation dynamic featuring "one zone, one corridor, one meeting, and one lab". Since the planning of its construction in March 2020, all the preparations are smoothly promoted. On February 7 this year, the executive meeting of the provincial government deliberated and approved the construction plan of Oujiang Laboratory. On March 22, the provincial government issued a notice deciding that the Oujiang Laboratory would focus on "regeneration regulation and eye-brain health" to build a provincial laboratory. With the leadership appointed yesterday, Oujiang Laboratory has come into full operation.


    Yao Gaoyuan, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, hoped that the newly formed leadership in Oujiang laboratory will soon get into their stride and take action to make a good start of the laboratory construction and strive for more innovative results as soon as possible. The council and the leadership should follow the guiding principles of provincial documents and the requirements of the set goals to promote the laboratory construction and result production in a specific and efficient manner. All the relevant departments should accelerate the creation of a number of signature technological research achievements, establish a batch of high-level public service platforms, gather and cultivate a group of high-level innovation talents, explore the formation of a set of market-oriented construction institutional mechanism, and efficiently implement a package of strong safeguard measures.


     Academician Song Weihong said that the Oujiang Laboratory will take "tissue regeneration and eye-brain rehabilitation" as breakthroughs with a forward-looking deployment of key areas such as tissue regeneration and organ function rehabilitation, regenerative biomaterials, and high-end medical devices. The laboratory aims to develop into an internationally advanced source of scientific and technological innovation in life and health that leads the country in the field of regeneration regulation and eye-brain health and make a major contribution to making Wenzhou a city of innovators by bringing innovative resources and high-level talents together and yielding productive research outcomes.


     Municipal officials Wang Chi and Lin Yijun attended the meeting.