• WMU sets up inoculation station to offer vaccination services
  • Since the afternoon of April 12, the Wenzhou Medical University has set up a COVID-19 vaccine inoculation station at the student activity center in order to effectively stop the spread of the virus, establish an immunity wall for teachers and students and consolidate the outcomes of epidemic control.


    WMU attaches great importance to vaccination and has formulated work plans in accordance with relevant provincial and municipal requirements to actively promote related scientific knowledge and ensure that all those in need are vaccinated as soon as possible at a reasonable pace. With the support of the Ouhai District Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Chashan Central Healthcare Center, a mobile inoculation center was built up and equipment was set and tested following a standardized process, which sped up the vaccination efficiency.


    At the inoculation site, teachers and students wore masks and waited in line. They entered the temperature measuring area, waiting area, pre-inspection area, registration area, inoculation area, and observation area in turn according to the procedures. The medical staff, security guards, and volunteers worked closely with each other to ensure the inoculation went orderly and smoothly.


    As of the afternoon on April 14, more than 6200 students and teachers had been vaccinated at the Chashan Campus. Before that, the Binhai Campus has administered two rounds of vaccinations, and the vaccination rate has reached 96%.