• Alberta Institute of WMU holds appointment ceremony of undergraduate tutors
  • On the afternoon of January 18, the appointment ceremony of undergraduate tutors and the tutor meeting for 2020 freshmen class of the Alberta Institute of Wenzhou Medical University kicked off in the lecture hall of the Biomedical Research Building. As an important part of the talent training system of the Alberta Institute, the ceremony paired a total of 65 outstanding tutors from 28 teams of seven schools and several affiliated hospitals of WMU with 57 undergraduates. Academician Li Xiaokun, president of WMU and honorary dean of the Alberta Institute, Academician Song Weihong, vice academic president and dean of the Alberta Institute, and Professor Zhu Xuebo, member of the WMU Party committee, director of the Academic Affairs Office, and deputy dean of the Alberta Insitute, attended the meeting.

    Mentor Wang Xiangyang’s team, Mentor Wang Bailiang’s team, Mentor Wang Xiaobing’s team, Mentor Lu Zhongqiu’s team, Mentor Chi Zailong’s team

    Mentor Chen Yongping’s team, Mentor Yang Yunjun’s team, Mentor Su Zhipeng’s team, Mentor Shen Xian’s team, Mentor Su Jianzhong’s team

    Mentor Chen Wei’s team, Mentor Chen Gang’s team, Mentor Zhang Hailin’s team, Mentor Li Zhiming’s team, Mentor Lin Jian’s team, Mentor Zhou Hao’s team

    Mentor Zhou Jiawei’s team, Mentor Guan Xueqiang’s team, Mentor Ni Wenfei’s team, Mentor Geng Wujun’s team, Mentor Xu Huiqin’s team, Mentor Huang Xiaoying’s team

    Mentor Xie Congying’s team, Mentor Jiang Songhe’s team, Mentor Teng Honglin’s team, Mentor Pan Chenwei’s team, Mentor Yan Xiaojian’s team, Mentor Pan Jingye’s team


    These 28 tutor groups hired by the Alberta Institute boast major-league stars, including 29 doctoral supervisors, seven selected into national talent programs, 38 selected into provincial talent programs, and 85% of the tutors have studied abroad. This is another creative measure adopted by the Alberta Institute to cultivate talents subsequent to their appointment of the "Top Consultant Group" consisting of 16 academicians.

    In his speech, Li Xiaokun pointed out that the Alberta Institute has gathered outstanding teachers and doctors of WMU to jointly develop a new model of "clinical + basic" medical professional elite education so that the institute has more strength and confidence in creating a medical growth environment emphasizing "excellence, innovation, inclusiveness, mutual learning, proficient medical skills and lofty medical ethics". Students of the institute will have their character and conduct shaped and grow into top-notch innovative talents in key fields and much-needed areas in the new era. He hoped that the students will gain wide knowledge, cautiously use it, and achieve well-grounded development; the tutors will become excellent guides who hold their positions and shoulder their responsibilities; the institute will create a development atmosphere that pleases and attracts talents. We will work together to build the institute into an "important window" for high-level Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools. At the end of the speech, Li Xiaokun recited CHANGSHA Tune: Spring In A Pleasure Garden affectionately to inspire teachers and students present to maintain their morale and ambitions and cultivate sentiment toward our motherland.

    Song Weihong introduced the origin of the undergraduate tutor system of the institute. He said that based on their research on the undergraduate tutor systems of world-renowned universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, and domestic first-class universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University, the institute, taking the trend of higher education reform, medical development trends, talent training goals, school teaching resources, and student curriculum settings into consideration, has come up with the ”three-dimensional and three-phase” training model. The “three-dimensional and three-phase” training model requires the instructors to take on the three roles of “living mentor”, “academic supervisor” and “life coach” during the five years, provide guidance of world view, outlook on life, opinion about values and basic professional training in the general education phase, improve students' scientific research competence in the teaching and tutorial phase, help students to start a professional research career in the independent research phase, and influence students with scientific spirit and humanistic spirit.

    At the appointment ceremony, Pan Jingye, dean of the First Affiliated Hospital of WMU, and Wu Zheng, a freshman of the 2020 Class, made speeches respectively as tutor and student representatives.


    The Alberta Institute of Wenzhou Medical University was officially established in 2020 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. It was jointly established by Wenzhou Medical University and the University of Alberta, Canada, one of the world's top 100 universities. The first batch of 57 undergraduates is enrolled at present. As the most comprehensive project of Chinese-foreign cooperative education in medical schools in our country, and also the first Chinese-foreign cooperative education institution focusing on clinical medicine, the Alberta Institute strives to integrate the high-quality educational resources of both parties, reform the traditional medical education model, and construct a teaching evaluation system that integrates the characteristics of both parties, to provide students with world-class medical professional elite education, and cultivate high-level, interdisciplinary, innovative medical talents with a global vision.


    After the appointment ceremony, Xiao Jian, dean of the Postgraduate School of WMU, gave a keynote lecture on "Small Factors, Big Science: The Past and Present of Growth Factors".