• 3 foreign experts from WMU won 2020 Zhejiang West Lake Friendship Award
  • Recently, Zhejiang provincial government announced the recipients of the 2020 West Lake Friendship Award. A total of 50 foreign experts were awarded the honor. Professor Dennis Kunimoto, Professor John Graham Carroll, and Professor Saverio Bellusci from WMU were on the list. Our number of recipients ranked first among provincial universities.

    Professor Dennis Kunimoto is the vice dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta (one of the worlds’ top 100 universities) and the medical director of the Edmonton Tuberculosis Clinic. He has made remarkable achievements in clinical research on tuberculosis, hepatitis C and AIDS. Professor Dennis devoted himself to the establishment of the Alberta Institute, WMU, China's first Sino-foreign cooperative education institution focusing on clinical medicine. He helped to facilitate the cooperation between medical experts from the University of Alberta and the experts of our university and affiliated hospitals and promote the two universities to carry out scientific research in the world's cutting-edge research fields such as biomedicine, psychiatry, and precision medicine.

    Professor John Graham Carroll is currently the dean of Biomedical Sciences at Monash University, the director of Monash Biomedical Discovery Institute (BDI), and the Australian director of the WMU-Monash BDI Alliance in Clinical Experimental Biomedicine. He is an internationally recognized top scientist in reproductive medicine. Since 2013, he has continually introduced high-end technology and talents and carried out in-depth cooperation with the Reproductive Medicine Center of our Second Affiliated Hospital on technical problems such as artificial insemination and embryo development. In 2018, under his active preparation and promotion, WMU and BDI, a top biomedicine research institute in Australia, cooperated to establish the WMU-Monash BDI Alliance in Clinical Experimental Biomedicine, promoting joint research and high-level talent training in cancer, cardiovascular disease, development, and stem cells.

    Professor Saverio Bellusci is an internationally recognized expert in the field of fibroblast growth factors (FGFs), stem cells and regeneration after injury, and a consultant of the International Research Center for Growth Factor-based Novel Biological Drugs of WMU. Since being hired in 2018, he has led a top growth factor research team from the University of Giessen and other institutes to Wenzhou to carry out education, scientific research, and clinical cooperation between China and Germany. He guided the construction of the Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Interventional Pulmonology in our First Affiliated Hospital, and established a new curriculum and teaching model for lung diseases, promoting innovative research on fibroblast growth factors and clinical translation of lung regeneration and stem cells.

    The "West Lake Friendship Award" is the highest award established by the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government in recognition of outstanding contributions and dedication of foreign experts in Zhejiang's economic and social development. It was established in 1997. In recent years, WMU has vigorously introduced foreign intelligence and utilized foreign experts as models and leading forces in basic research, technology breakthrough, and commercialization of results to promote our construction of a "double first-class" university.