• The Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres sends a message to participants of the 2020 World Young Scientist Summit: Looking forward to tackling challenges together
  • The 2020 World Young Scientists Summit was held in Wenzhou on October 18 this year, attended by scientists, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and artists from more than 100 countries, regions and international science and technology organizations. Wenzhou Medical University has hosted or participated in six core events and four extension events, including the Opening Ceremony of the summit, the Sino-Foreign University Presidents Forum, the International Forum on Comprehensive Health Care, and the International Young Woman Scientist Forum. The grand gathering has seen many highlights and achieved great results.


    UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has written to all participants of the summit, saying that he looked forward to working with them and their counterparts to tackle climate change and other challenges.


    In his letter, Guterres said that the Declaration adopted at the World Young Scientists Summit is an important expression of support for the role of science in advancing human well-being and combating the COVID-19 pandemic. And he appreciated that the participants had contributed to "building a more inclusive, equitable, sustainable and peaceful future."


    "Like you, I believe that innovation, multilateralism and an entrepreneurship spirit will be critical in addressing the global challenges of today and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals – from fighting extreme poverty to advancing climate action," said Guterres.

    The UN chief stressed that as all countries are trying to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and achieve a better recovery, we should realize that it is also "a wake-up call". He mentioned his effort in mobilizing a global partnership aiming at achieving carbon neutrality by the middle of the century and had established a Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change to amplify the voices of young people, and he looked forward to the active participation of summit participants and their peers.



    In today's knowledge-based economy, ensuring that young people develop their scientific and technological skills and digital literacy is more important than ever, said Guterres. He expressed particular concern about gender and regional gaps in these areas and hoped that all participants at the summit would address the challenge by advocating for gender equality and empowering women and girls in all fields of science.