• To be artistic together in the youth market: campus culture carnival held at WMU
  • On November 29, the "Youth Market" campus culture carnival was held in the square in front of the library. The event consisted of three parts: the opening ceremony of the Club Culture Festival, the performance of the art group, and the final of the "Freshmen Cup" Top 10 Singer Competition.


    Blooming youth vitality and showing the vibrancy of clubs

    The 24th Club Culture Festival of WMU started with a garden party. All sorts of clubs prepared carefully and introduced the culture of their clubs to teachers and students through the forms of stalls, seal-collecting games, and entrepreneurial markets, demonstrating the vibrancy of student groups and from different perspectives, so that participants felt engaged and had a great experience.


    The opening ceremony of the Club Culture Festival and the Star-level Club Commendation Conference officially started in the afternoon. The stage performance began with the Guitar Clubs youthful song New Boy. Students from 13 clubs brought dance shows in Hanfu, Shaoxing opera, aerobics, modern drama, hip-hop dance, etc. The poetry recitation Ode to Life brought by the Human Body Science Popularization Society explained the meaning of life for everyone. The solo singing Never Enough by the Association for International Exchange of College Students reflected the collision of Chinese and Western cultures. Tian Rui Taekwondo Association showed the dance Soul of Taekwondo Dance, which combined taekwondo and dance perfectly and amazed the audience. Performances, which were rich in contents and forms, came on stage in turn, showing youth vitality in multiple dimensions, presenting an audio-visual feast for the audience. The opening ceremony also honored 19 clubs that earned three-star, four-star, and five-star distinction in the 2019-2020 academic year, encouraging all clubs to forge ahead and inject youthful strength into the diverse campus culture.


    Listening to the melodious string songs and building the dream of youth together


    The show given by the university's art group brought the event to a climax. The ensemble of national instruments Huan Qin brought a cheerful melody with a lively and smooth rhythm and short and gorgeous notes. The orchestra's Totoro and Song of The Wind took the audience into a magical world of music. The vocal sang a medley of What I miss, Dimple, and When you, adding warmth to the late autumn campus. The performance culminated in the elegant and beautiful chorus Going to a Beautiful Place, which fully showed the charm of art to the audience and recounted a group of dream chasers' musical journey.


    Having a taste of music and gathering the power of new sounds


    At 18:00, the final of the 2020 "Freshmen Cup" Top 10 Singer Competition kicked off. Nearly 1,000 teachers and students gathered in the square in front of the library. Neon lights and fluorescent sticks reflected each other, graceful notes and melody flow in the air, and the pulse of youth resonated with music. After the college selection, and the semi-final at the university level, 16 talented young singers competed on the same stage, singing Mercury, don't be afraid, breath decides… Song after song of gripping stories, the audience followed the rhythm of the music and enjoyed themselves in the realm of beauty, now cheering with enthusiasm and now thinking in tranquility. After three rounds of fierce competition, Xu Jiahan from the School of the First Clinical Medical Sciences (School of Information and Engineering) stood out and won the champion with the song Flammable and Explosive. Guo Jiayi from the School of Laboratory Science and Life Science and Ding Hanlu from the School of Psychiatry won the second and third places respectively. Contestants Wang Jiahao, Qian Yingying, Jiang Feier, Han Tiao, Zhou Chicheng, Hong Ji, and Zhu Keyi won the title of the Top 10 Singers of the year.


    The rich and colorful activities and high-quality performances of the campus culture carnival became a beautiful scenery on campus, and turned the library square into a sea of joy, introducing the charm of campus culture to all the teachers and students, demonstrating the vitality and youth of WMU students, and enhancing cultural exchanges on campus.