• WMU, QUT hold online conference on cooperation
  • On the morning of November 16, WMU held an online conference on cooperation with The Queensland University of Technology.

    Helen Klaebe, vice-president of QUT, Erik Thompson, deputy director of Translational Research Institute (TRI), and chairs of other related departments attended the conference. Heads of the International Affairs Office, Postgraduate Student Affairs Office, and the First Affiliated Hospital of WMU took part in the meeting.

    During the meeting, Wang Yuanyuan said that the two sides have established great cooperation and could encourage academic leaders and graduate advisers to carry out joint scientific research in areas of common interest by establishing scientific and effective cooperation mechanism, so as to promote talent exchanges and discipline construction. Zheng Manman ensured that WMU would promote the cooperation of the joint postgraduate programs and establish a reasonable scholarship incentive policy so that the students involved in the program can achieve accomplishments without worries. Wang Meihao promised that affiliated hospital would enhance cultivation and career planning for young talents, encourage more aspiring young doctors to study aboard and bring back high-quality resources in medical treatment, scientific research, and education, so as to establish a win-win cooperation mechanism.

    Helen Klaebe said that the recent years have witnessed a rapid change in the development of Wenzhou Medical University. And she stated that the two universities share considerable similarities in educational philosophy and student cultivation. She hoped that further cooperation and a more effective mechanism could be established to boost cooperation in talent cultivation and scientific cooperation in the fields of common interest. Erik Thompson appreciated WMU’s achievements in featured disciplines and hoped to achieve win-win cooperation in the fields of precision medicine, genetics, big data, ophthalmology & optometry, pharmacy, psychiatry, and laboratory medicine. The two sides then discussed joint scientific research, joint postgraduate program, joint Ph.D. programs, and student exchange programs in depth and reached agreements on these issues.

    Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is a renowned public research university with a long tradition. Founded in 1908, QUT is located in the urban coastal city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. QUT is one of the Australian Technology Network of universities, and it ranks 224 in the QS World University Rankings 2020. In July 2016, QUT and WMU signed a collaborative agreement on a wide range of cooperation including academic exchanges, scientific research summer camp, and establishing a joint laboratory.