• 2020 World Young Scientists Summit Opens at Wenzhou Medical University
  • On the morning of October 18, 2020 World Young Scientists Summit (WYSS 2020) opened at Wenzhou Medical University.

    Huai Jinpeng, secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group, executive vice president, chief executive secretary of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Zheng Shanjie, deputy secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and governor of Zhejiang, Chen Weijun, member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, Gao Xingfu, vice-governor of Zhejiang, Shu Yinbiao, secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group and chairman of China Huaneng Group Corp, chairman of International Electrotechnical Commission, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Cao Jianlin, deputy director of the Science and Education Committee of CPPCC National Committee, Xu Xiao, secretary of the Central Secretariat of the Communist Youth League, Cai Xiujun, vice chairman of the CPPCC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, together with academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering including Xie Xincheng, Fan Daiming, Wu Zhaohui, Zhang Xi, Li Lanjuan, Liu Liang, Chen Guoqiang, Li Xiaokun, and officials of relevant national ministries, representatives of relevant embassies and consulates, representatives of international science and technology organizations and well-known universities at home and abroad showed up. Nearly 800 scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, and young scientific and technological talents from 125 countries, regions and international organizations attended the opening ceremony.

    Due to the epidemic, the summit was conducted online and offline to interact with domestic and overseas participants. WYSS 2020 has received strong support from national leaders and world-renowned scientists. A total of more than 150 guests attended the summit online and delivered speeches and keynote reports, including Wan Gang, vice chairman of CPPCC and chairman of CAST, Zhong Nanshan, recipient of the Medal of the Republic and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Aaron Ciechanover and other 11 Nobel Prize and Wolf Prize winners, as well as representatives from United Nations affiliated organizations, well-known global science and technology organization, famous international universities and institutes, and government officials from relevant countries.

    Wan Gang made a video speech at the summit. Huai Jinpeng, Zheng Shanjie and Chen Weijun delivered speeches for the opening ceremony. Shu Wei, member of the Leading Party Members' Group and executive secretary of CAST, served as the moderator for the first stage of the opening ceremony.

    In his speech, Wan Gang pointed out that promoting sustainable development through scientific and technological innovation is the right approach to tackling global issues of common concern and responding to global challenges facing the whole international community. China has officially announced to join the COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access (COVAX) and will work with the international community to add certainty to an increasingly uncertain world. He put forward three expectations of the summit: First, to put forward sustainable development and human well-being through scientific and technological innovation; second, we to build consensus and pool confidence, wisdom and strength in our common response to global challenges; third, to form a global innovation network and deepen high-level cooperation featuring openness, inclusiveness and mutual benefits. He hoped that the summit will give full play to its role as a bridge, carry out extensive cooperation and exchanges around the world with a strategic vision, an open horizon, and a broad mind, expand communication and exchanges, and enhance mutual trust and cooperation among scientific and technological talents.

    In his speech, Huai Jinpeng emphasized that youth is the future of technological innovation, mutual learning is the cornerstone of civilization progress, and innovation is the driving force for cooperation. As the world is undergoing rapid changes, the technological community cooperation network is of indispensable importance. He put forward suggestions on how to build a better platform for the summit: to deepen youth innovation cooperation and create highlands of openness, friendship, talents and value for technological innovation; to serve the sustainable development of mankind and converge momentum for the recovery and sustainable development of the world economy after the epidemic; with the aim of promoting the scientific spirit and harnessing science and technology for the benefit of mankind, to promote the construction of a scientific and technological community, and build a scientific community that "convinces people with reasoning", a community of values that "convinces people with morality", and a community with a shared future that is "people-oriented".

    Zheng Shanjie said that Zhejiang earnestly implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter to the first World Young Scientists Summit to vigorously promoted the construction of an innovative province, and has witnessed a continuous improvement of its overall strength, growth of emerging momentum, and stamina of development. Especially this year, in the overall planning of epidemic prevention and control and the economic and social development, we deeply felt that technological innovation is crucial for our survival and development, and innovation leads to the future. At present, Zhejiang was thoroughly implementing the spirit conveyed in the speeches made by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection to Zhejiang and at the symposium for scientists, focusing on building three scientific innovation highlands, namely Internet Plus, life and health, and new materials, taking developing Zhejiang through talents and innovation as the first strategy , and striving to be a pioneer in technological and industrial innovation to provide a solid support for building a new pattern of development and creating an "important window". First, we need to accelerate the improvement of innovation capacity, and strive to obtain more breakthroughs and original achievements in original innovation, basic research and key core technologies, relying on high-level scientific innovation platforms such as Hangzhou West Sci-tech Innovation Corridor, Ningbo Yongjiang Sci-tech Innovation Corridor and Wenzhou Sci-tech Innovation Corridor Around Daluo Mountain. Second, we need to accelerate the improvement of the international competitiveness of the industry, give full play to the initiatives of scientists, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, and build a number of world-class modern industry clusters for strategic emerging industries such as digital economy and life and health. Third, we need to step up our efforts to attract talents, vigorously implement the Kunpeng Talent Introduction Program, and move closer to providing the best quality services to facilitate their innovation and development in Zhejiang. Fourth, we need to increase the potential for innovation by providing policy support so that the seeds of innovation and creation can grow into towering trees in Zhejiang. He hoped to take the summit as an opportunity to focus on the role of scientific and technological innovation in leading high-quality development, gather great talents from all over the world, and create a better future.

    Chen Weijun introduced in his speech that since the first summit last year, Wenzhou has been earnestly implementing the spirit of the congratulatory letter from Chairman Xi Jinping. Not only have the international openness and cooperation become deeper and deeper, but also the exchanges of young talents have become closer and closer. There are increasing innovative development paths due to the cooperation of scientists, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. The “one district, one corridor, one summit and one laboratory” innovation pattern, composed of the National Innovation Demonstration Zone, the Wenzhou Sci-tech Innovation Corridor Around Daluo Mountain, the World Young Scientist Summit, and Oujiang Laboratory, is gradually taking shape, showing a new starting point of Wenzhou's innovation development. He hoped to continue to amplify the "summit effect", enhance the concept of openness creating a better world, expand the path of innovation leading the future, make a strong voice of cooperation making dreams come true, and deepen the practice of international youth innovative cooperation and exchanges by colliding ideas, enlightening wisdom, and building consensus. Wenzhou will vigorously promote the spirit of Wenzhou people in the new era, shoulder the historic responsibilities of promoting the summit to new heights, to generate a batch of development achievements, innovation achievements, and institutional achievements at a higher speed, and to write a new chapter for Wenzhou’s innovation development in the new era through faithful implementation of the “Eight-eight strategy”, making full use of eight advantages and adopting eight major measures, and strive to develop an "important window".

    In the second stage of the opening ceremony, the 2020 World Young Scientists Summit lighting ceremony marked the official opening of the summit. President and Academician Li Xiaokun and other guests came on stage together to light up the future of cross-border integration for the World Young Scientists Summit. Representatives of young scientists from different countries read the Wenzhou Declaration of the 2020 World Young Scientists Summit. The award ceremony for the 16th China Youth Science and Technology Award was also held. Li Xiaokun, as one of the guests, presented awards to the award-winning young scientists.

    Qiu Min, vice president of Westlake University and the winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, presided over the third stage of the opening ceremony.

    Jayathma Wickramanayake, UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, and Academician Zhong Nanshan made video speeches. Prof. Lu Chaoyang from the University of Science and Technology of China, representative of young scientists, and Researcher Chen Lingling from the CAS Center for Excellence in Molecular Cell Science, winner of the Special Award of National Youth Science and Technology Award, respectively made keynote speeches.

    The World Young Scientists Summit is an event co-sponsored and co-hosted by the China Association for Science and Technology and the People's Government of Zhejiang Province annually for the young high talents worldwide. The WYSS 2020 was composed of main sections including the Opening Ceremony, Dialogue with the Future, Realizing Dreams, Engagement and Sharing, forming a "1+14+15" activity framework, namely 1 opening ceremony, 14 core events, and 15 extension events. Among them, the Global Young Scientist Scholar Roundtable, International Forum on Comprehensive Health Care, Sino-Foreign University Presidents Forum, International Young Woman Scientist Forum, University Startup World Cup 2020 Global Final Program and other series of activities were the highlight events.