• The entry scores of WMU's 24 undergraduate programs rank first among provincial colleges and universities
  • On August 19, the entry scores for the college admissions (first-tier) in Zhejiang Province in 2020 were announced. The entry scores of WMU‘s 24 undergraduate programs remain the highest among provincial colleges and universities, with Ophthalmology & Optometry (“5+3” integration) being the top of the list for four consecutive years.

    This year, the quality of students admitted to various first-tier programs of WMU has steadily improved, and the number of these programs has increased from 20 in 2019 to 27. Compared with last year, the number of programs that only enroll students ranking top 10,000 in the entrance exam increases to seven, ranking first among provincial key universities. The seven programs are Ophthalmology & Optometry (“5+3” integration), Clinical Medicine ("5+3" integration), Clinical Medicine ("5+3" integration, pediatrics), Ophthalmology & Optometry, Stomatology, Clinical Medicine (“5+3” integration, psychiatry), and Ophthalmology & Optometry (new medicine class), a new program just starts enrollment this year. And it is also the first time that the entry score of the Midwifery program reaches the first-tier point. The entry scores of Ophthalmology & Optometry (new medicine class), Biomedical Engineering (ophthalmology & optometry engineering class), Clinical Medicine (Chinese-foreign cooperative education), Radiology, and Basic Medicine were all above the first-tier point.

    This year is the third year for WMU to enroll students for the Rural-oriented Clinical Medicine (general medicine) program. Every student admitted to the program has obtained scores higher than the first-tier point, with a maximum of 643 points. Meanwhile, as an independent college that cultivates the most undergraduate rural-oriented students in Zhejiang province, Wenzhou Medical University Renji College recruits students from 50 counties (cities, districts) for the programs of Clinical Medicine, Stomatology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and so on. A total of 500 people are admitted to be trained as grassroots doctors. The number of students scoring above the first-tier point is the top among independent colleges in the province.

    In addition, WMU’s "trinity system" comprehensive evaluation enrollment has continued to draw attention and attracted more than 20,000 candidates online. 200 people were admitted this time. 100 of them were admitted to the Clinical Medicine departments, all of whom scored above 600 in the college entrance examination, with a maximum score of 666.

    Medical education is an important foundation for serving the health of the whole people and achieving a healthy China strategy. The outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic this year has put forward higher requirements for our country's medicine and medical education. WMU has actively put the new development concept of undergraduate education in the new era into practice, implemented the cultivation of urgently needed talents of the country and the internationalization of high-level medical education, and promoted Zhejiang’s strategy for developing the province through higher education and our goal of building a high-level medical university. The enrollment plan for 2020 is stable with a moderate increase, and the program structure is further optimized. Three high-level international programs and national badly-needed programs, including Clinical Medicine (Chinese-foreign cooperative education), Radiology, and Medical Imaging Technology, were approved to be established. Ophthalmology & Optometry (new medicine class), Biomedical Engineering (ophthalmology & optometry engineering class), and other new medicine and new engineering programs, try to create breakthroughs. The school has innovated enrollment publicity methods, strengthened online enrollment publicity and enrollment consultation, and carried out "warm" enrollment promotion services through multiple channels: they carried out more than 20 online live broadcasts such as "Meet with Admission Director" and "Professors’ Interpretation on Programs", opened 16 telephone consultation hotlines, and arranged special personnel to handle online queries through QQ groups, admissions website, and WeChat public account message boards. It is reported that candidates can log on to the admissions website of Wenzhou Medical University at noon on August 20 to check the admission status.