• Wenzhou Medical University held 2020 International Student Commencement Ceremony
  • Speaking in fluent Chinese, they called their friends and relatives to the stage to take a group photo with the president and sang Don't Say Goodbye altogether... On the afternoon of July 8th, WMU held the 2020 international student commencement ceremony. 47 international undergraduates and postgraduates from more than 20 countries, including South Africa, India, Sweden, Ghana, and Zimbabwe, attended the commencement ceremony. Li Xiaokun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of WMU, Cao Jianming, vice president of WMU, and leaders from relevant functional departments of the university and secondary colleges attended the event. The ceremony was presided over by Jin Litai, Dean of the School of International Studies.

    There should have been 143 international graduates this year at WMU. However, some had to be delayed due to the epidemic. WMU also considerately provided live streaming for the graduates who failed to present themselves at the ceremony, which sent different blessings to the graduates away in foreign countries and deeply touched them. The live streaming has attracted 4,850 overseas students at home and abroad, together with their friends, relatives, as well as people from all walks of life, to watch.

    In his speech, Li Xiaokun extended warm congratulations to the graduates and heartfelt gratitude to all faculty and staff. He said that in the fight against the epidemic, many WMU international students have illustrated a doctor's style of bravery, dedication, and humanity, and delivered China's experience against the epidemic and Chinese strength to the world. He hoped that WMU international students could hold firm confidence, stick to the original aspiration of medical practitioners, persist in medical innovation, and become a bridge of Chinese and foreign medical exchanges and cooperation. Accompanied by passionate melody, President Li Xiaokun, smiling, turned the tassel, presented degree certificates to every graduate, and took photos to mark the occasion.

    At the end of the speech, Li Xiaokun and the international students sang Auld Lang Syne in Chinese. It was hoped that the international students would become ambassadors of culture and continuously enhance the friendship between China and foreign countries after graduation.

    Li Junwei, a faculty representative from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, expressed her expectations for graduates, "Graduation is not the end of learning, you should constantly have a lifelong passion for learning along the way of medicine. Whether you are a scholar, a teacher, or a doctor, you can always draw limitless energy from lifelong learning."

    This year's international graduates were particularly keen on all kinds of public service and social practice activities. Brettl Lyndall Singh (辛成乐) from South Africa has become a pediatrician in the Second Affiliated Hospital of WMU. As an "overseas communication officer" of Wenzhou, he stuck to his duty during the epidemic and provided service at the anti-epidemic front line. GAUTAM BISHNU (毕实努) from Nepal has served in rural areas and offered free clinic for more than 30 times, receiving many honorary titles such as "Public welfare talent". Mutsvene Tinashe Emmanuel (小马) from Zimbabwe has won a prize in the final of the Provincial Chinese Classic Recitation Contest and became a Wenzhou cultural tourism exchange ambassador……

    At the ceremony, Cao Jianming awarded letters of appointment to the 2020 alumni ambassadors and certificates to the excellent students. He encouraged these students to strive diligently for new heights and urged the alumni ambassadors to work together to maintain relationships with alumni and build a bridge of communication between the university and alumni.

    International graduates and counselors also sang the song Don't Say Goodbye together and bade each other farewell. We don't say goodbye at graduation, and we cherish each other with best regards.

    It is reported that at present, there are 1,178 international students at WMU. 1,046 of them are studying for academic degrees, including 940 undergraduates and 106 postgraduate and doctoral students. The students come from five continents, consisting of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students, forming an education system covering clinical medicine, stomatology, pharmacy, and other disciplines for international students in China. Next, WMU will also evaluate disciplines of preventive medicine, medical examination, and nursing, plan to set up new programs for international students, increase qualification certification in overseas countries, and strive for special training programs in China.