• Wenzhou Medical University Reaches a Record High in ESI Ranking
  • According to the latest ESI data updated in May 2020, seven disciplines of WMU made it into the top 1% globally. Maintaining its top one position among provincial colleges and universities, WMU ranked the 73rd in the Chinese mainland and the seventh among universities co-sponsored by the provincial government and Ministry of Education. In the meantime, WMU rose to the 1,078th on the global list, hitting a record high.

    As is shown in relevant data, the indicators of WMU's ESI disciplines have been significantly improved, compared with the end of 2019. Clinical medicine, keeping its place in the world Top 2‰, has reached the top 1.71‰, rising by 58 places to 768th among the 4,486 listed institutions. Pharmacology and toxicology ascended to the global top 2.89‰, rising from the 353rd to the 266th among the 920 listed institutions. Other disciplines continued to make rapid progress, among which the rankings of molecular biology and genetics, neuroscience and behavior, biology and biochemistry, materials science, and chemistry moved up by 94, 81, 75, 61, and 15 places respectively.

    It is worth mentioning that this time 62 papers of WMU were selected as ESI highly cited papers, and 5 were selected as ESI hot papers. In particular, the team of Professor Huang Weijian, director of the Department of Cardiology of the First Affiliated Hospital, contributed nine highly cited papers, including three ESI hot papers.

    Professor Huang took the lead in carrying out His bundle pacing (HBP) in China. He steered the team to a solution (a revolutionary "4D" technology) towards the defects of the traditional HBP and pioneered the Left bundle branch pacing (LBBP), which greatly expands the adaptability of surgical indication, as well as improves curative effect, safety, and stability. This ground-breaking technique, which brought light to patients who are in need of pacing therapy and resynchronization therapy, is referred to as "Huang's technique" by foreign scholars.

    Huang unreservedly promotes China’s original left bundle branch techniques at home and abroad, by carrying out surgical teaching in nearly one hundred well-known domestic centers and conducting extensive international cooperation on heart diseases with clinical and basic research teams around the world. He has promoted LBBP in various countries and regions including the United States, Japan, and Europe, where thousands of doctors were trained. So far, Huang’s team has adopted His-Purkinje pacing in more than 1,700 cases, involving 900-odd cases of left bundle branch pacing. The operation volume, research depth, and implantation technology are all in the universal leading position. Their SCI papers on clinical technology research and related basic research have been highly recognized and cited by international peers.

    Prof. Huang was operating and offering guidance at APHRS 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand