• International Students of WMU Studied President Xi Jinping's Reply and Shared Their Thoughts

  • On May 17th, President Xi Jinping replied to all the Pakistani students from the University of Science & Technology Beijing. He welcomed outstanding youth from all over the world to come and study in China and encouraged them to share their stories with the world of what they have seen, and experienced in China while working alongside Chinese youth, building and promoting a community with a shared future for mankind.

    After studying the spirit of president Xi Jinping's reply, international students of Wenzhou Medical University have actively communicated and shared their thoughts with their experiences.

    The seriousness with which the Chinese government and affiliate authorities attach to the health and safety of their citizens during this COVID-19 outbreak is exemplary. As a foreign student in China, I witnessed with admiration some of the crucial measures that were put in place to make sure the epidemic was timely controlled. What’s more, the SIS department of WMU ensured that all foreign students felt at home and were safe.


    - 2017MBBS JONAS

    The Chinese government built a hospital in a few days which was especially  for Covid-19 related patients that showed how organized they were at fighting this plague. I stay in china and I feel safe. I will introduce what i experienced here to my family, friends and more people in Pakistani.


    Wenzhou Medical University did great deal of effort by controlling movement of students ,thus decreasing the spread of the virus and keeping the students safe. Temperature checks were also conducted in order to keep track of students health. The school was also providing us with basic necessities. With all the efforts no foreign student was infected. We are grateful and we will continue to cooperate with the authorities.

    As a future doctor, I saw how strong China is and I will study hard to be a qualified doctor.

    - 2019MBBS Maria