• The Zero Breakthrough! Alberta Institute, Wenzhou Medical University Gets Approval for Establishment!
  • Recently, the Ministry of Education released an official statement approving the establishment of Alberta Institute, Wenzhou Medical University (hereinafter referred to as the Joint Institute), which marks that Wenzhou Medical University fulfilled the zero breakthrough in building a Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school without the legal person status.

    The Joint Institute, named as Alberta Institute, Wenzhou Medical University, is the first cooperatively-run school focusing on clinical medicine in China and will start its first enrollment plan this year. It will set up an undergraduate program in clinical medicine, Master’s programs in stomatology, psychiatry, and Doctor’s program in psychiatry for a total of 395 students, including 60 undergraduate students, 25 postgraduate students, and 5 doctoral students annually. Undergraduate students will be included in the National College Admission Scheme and shall take part in the college entrance examination and meet relevant regulations and requirements for admission. Postgraduate students will be included in the National Graduate Admission Scheme and shall take part in the Unified National Graduate Entrance Examination and meet relevant requirements. After graduation, both WMU and the University of Alberta will issue corresponding degree certificates to students. The doctoral students will be enrolled independently and will get their degree certificates issued by the University of Alberta after graduation.

    The University of Alberta is one of the top research universities in Canada and one of the top 100 universities in the world. It ranks 89th in CWUR World University Rankings in 2020. With their outstanding education quality and scientific research strength, the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry leads the way in medical education in Canada and is the clinical medicine research center, which excels in the research of psychiatry, virology, diabetes, cancer, and heart worldwide.

    The establishment of the Joint Institute will help WMU to systematically introduce the medical education resources of Canada, combine both sides’ advantages in school running, and innovate mechanism of running schools as well as modes of cultivating talents. Besides, it is also an exploration for Chinese medical education to integrate with international standards. All of these will contribute to setting a role model for cooperation in higher medical education between China and Canada and promoting people-to-people exchanges and cooperation in scientific research.