• WMU won the first prize of China’s most prestigious award in humanities and social sciences for the first time
  • Recently, the Ministry of Education published the list of winners of the Eighth Science Research Famous Achievement Award in Higher Institution (Humanities and Social Sciences). Prof. Huang Zhaoxin, a distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars of our university, won the first prize of the pedagogical work award with his research achievement New Exploration for the Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities in the Era of Group Innovation, which realized the zero breakthrough in this field of our university.

    Taking the entrepreneurship education for university students in the new era as the research object, and starting with basic issues emerged from entrepreneurship education for college students in the period of social transformation, this research achievement figured out the new connotation of innovation and entrepreneurship education in the background of group innovation and conducted a multi-dimensional comprehensive study on major theoretical and practical issues of entrepreneurship education. As for the current ubiquitous problems of entrepreneurial practice in college students, this study introduced and analyzed practical experience of international college students entrepreneurship education. Starting with operating channels such as post entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, internet entrepreneurship, and maker-space, the research analyzed some urgent problems facing college students when launching the business, built as well as developed theoretical and practical system of college entrepreneurship education, provided a useful reference for theoretical research and reform practice exploration in the field of entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities.

    Prof. Huang Zhaoxin serves as the director of Social Sciences Department of WMU and dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and now he is the head of Key Innovation Team of Zhejiang Province and Key Research Base of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Zhejiang Province (Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Institute). He has been selected into talent projects such as “Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Project”, Young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in China, State Council Special Government Allowance, “New Century Excellent Talent Support Program” of Ministry of Education, leading talent in social sciences of “Ten Thousand Project” of Zhejiang Province, Young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Zhejiang Province, and key talent in “151 talent project” of Zhejiang Province. He has host 5 National Social Science Fund projects (including 2 key projects), won the second prize and third prize of the country’s most prestigious award in the field of humanities and social sciences, and 12 prizes at the provincial level (including 3 first prizes).

    It’s reported that the Science Research Famous Achievement Award in Higher Institution (Humanities and Social Sciences) is selected every three years by the Ministry of Education. It has been held eight times so far. It is the most prestigious national award in the field of humanities and social sciences, which reflects the most outstanding research achievements of humanities and social sciences in colleges and universities across the country. This year's achievement award adopts a quota system for application and a total of 9405 items have applied nationwide. After being evaluated by experts organized by the Ministry of Education, a total of 162 achievements have won the first prizes, with an award rate of 1.72%.