• Biomedical Research Building Opens
  • Recently, the biomedical research building of WMU has been put into use. At present,the biomedical research building has housed the Institute for Advanced Research, the WMU-Monash Joint Research Institute of Biomedicine, the Provincial Key Lab of the Second Affiliated Hospital and the Archive.The large instrument sharing platform on the sixth floor has started trial operation. Next,the laboratories of each schools and affiliated hospitals will move in.

    The biomedical research building, with an area of 58,600 square meters, is mainly composed of a 12-story south building and an 18-story north building, which are connected by a podium building. Among them, the North Building will house the research laboratories of the First Affiliated Hospital, the Second Affiliated Hospital, the Affiliated Eye Hospital, the School of Basic Medical Sciences, the School of Nursing and the School of Public Health &Management, the Institute for Advanced Research, the WMU-Monash Joint Research Institute of Biomedicine, the Archive and the Information Technology Center, etc. As for the South Building, it is planned to house the large-scale instrument sharing platform and research laboratories of the School of Laboratory Science and Life Science and the School of Pharmacy Sciences.

    With the functional principles of “high integration, open sharing, cross-use, and mutual support”, the building has a large-scale instrument sharing platform in the scientific research and experimental center on the sixth floor of the South Building. The sharing platform is operated under information-based management. Researchers can make online reservations through the large-scale instrument sharing management system. The related access control will be automatically associated and connected in real-time through reservations. "Henceforth, most of the research laboratories in the main campus will be in the new building, so that all subjects can be integrated in physical space to facilitate the communication of scientific research personnel from different research groups, which is conducive to the interdisciplinary and integrated development. In the future, we will also establish a three-dimensional system of doctoral technical experts - master technicians - technical assistants, so as to develop instrument functions, enhance instrument performance, and achieve full sharing." said Gao Hongchang, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of WMU.

    In addition, leisure places such as city’s study and coffee house will also be set in the public area, to provide attentive, emotional and intelligent services and make the building a harmonious, civilized and beautiful home for researchers.