• The Twenty-year Old Renji Strives for New Progress in New Era-Wenzhou Medical University Renji College held a ceremonious celebration for its 20th anniversary
  • On the afternoon of October 27, a ceremonious celebration for the 20th anniversary of the founding of Wenzhou Medical University Renji College (WMURJ) was held in the auditorium at the Binhai campus. President Li Xiaokun, Vice President Cao Jianming, Zhang Huajie, member of the CPC Committee of WMU and head of the United Front Work Department, Wang Jiaohu, the Secretary of the Dongtou District Party Committee, Ye Jinli, the district vice-governor, and distinguished guests from all walks of life attended the ceremony. More than 1000 people, including retired cadres, alumni representatives, faculty and students, gathered in the auditorium to participate in the grand event. Zhang Chengbin, the Secretary of the Renji College Party Committee, presided over the meeting.

    President Li delivered a speech. Li reviewed WMURJ’s achievements of school-running in the past 20 years. He said that Dongtou is an outstanding place for students to study and learn, and he encouraged students to pursue knowledge assiduously in such a beneficial campus environment. Li promised that WMU would intensively support the construction and development of WMURJ in terms of faculty resources, curriculum establishment, laboratory, and teaching hospital with a high degree of sharing and integration of educational resources. Renji College, as a brand new growth point and experimental field, should uphold its original intention of educating people and undertake its mission of cultivating talents, with its motto of "benevolence helps the world, erudition suits the application" in mind. Relying on WMU, WMURJ, with its founding focus on Wenzhou and a national perspective, shall seize the opportunity of the transformation and development of independent colleges, and bloom its unique charisma on the beautiful island.

    Wang Jiaohu, the Secretary of the Dongtou District Party Committee, on behalf of the Dongtou District Party Committee and district government, extended warm congratulations to Renji College. The establishment of Renji College in Dongtou in 2018 built a platform for cooperation between WMU and Dongtou in the medical field, which filled in the gap of higher education in Dongtou District. It is expected that Renji College will carefully cultivate talents, give full play to its advantages and characteristics, and strengthen the integration with the life science industry in Dongtou.

    Huang Chenping, Dean of Renji College, expressed warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude to leaders, guests and alumni attending the meeting. He said, looking back on the construction and development of Renji College in the past 20 years, we could not make it without the support and help from all parties. After 20 years of exploration and progress, Renji College has gradually formed its own school running characteristics and road. Standing at a new historical starting point, we still need to redouble our efforts, adhere to morality, keep in mind the mission of the university in the new era, innovate in the process of inheritance, make progress in the process of reforms, and strive to build Renji College into an application-oriented school with distinctive characteristics and high level, so as to contribute Renji power to the development of national medical and health undertakings.

    Zheng Yaping, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhijiang College of the Zhejiang University of Technology, Wang Qian, chairman of the Chinese Mining Group of Tajikistan, and alumni representative Yang Shangwen, made speeches to congratulate.

    At the meeting, a promotional video for the 20th anniversary was played and greetings from the old leaders of the college, alumni associations across the country and brother universities and colleges were displayed.

    In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary, the college held several activities based on the theme of "Forge ahead with Renji", with the goals of "reviewing history and showing achievements; summarizing experience and promoting development; expanding influence and strengthening contact; gathering strenghth and creating brilliance together". Adhering to the principles of solemnity, enthusiasm, frugality and effectiveness, the college has successively carried out a relay run to celebrate the anniversary, and established 11 alumni associations inside and outside the province. On the same day of the celebration, the alumni association of Renji College was established and the second Alumni Forum was held. A series of activities were held to celebrate the anniversary, including an evening gala named “Twenty years of elegance to sing string songs for Renji”, in order to inherit the spirit of the college, demonstrate the achievements of school running, communicate feelings of alumni and work together for future development.

    Twenty-year’s hard work has made twenty-year’s educational prosperity. WMURJ was founded in August 1999. In the past 20 years, Renji College relied on the solid school running strength of WMU, developed with the times, and sought characteristics from differences, and advantages from characteristics. In 2009, the college took the initiative to carried out the training and practice of general practitioners for the grass-roots level, committed to delivering grassroots health talents for regional medical development. So far, it has covered 69 counties (cities, districts) of 11 cities in Zhejiang Province with nearly 2600 students in school. It has established the first general practice institute in China, ranking the first in both scale and influence among medical colleges in China. In the investigation of the vocational development and the quality of talent cultivation of graduates in colleges of Zhejiang Province, WMURJ ranked the top three in the independent college for five consecutive years in graduates’ satisfaction with their alma mater, especially the satisfaction of study style, with ranked the first for five consecutive years. Renji college has become one of the important training bases for medical and health talents at grass-roots level in Zhejiang Province and even in East China.