• The opening ceremony for WMU’s 2019 International freshmen was held in the Xuguang Hall, Chashan Campus on the morning of Oct. 21st. Attendees are President Li Xiaokun, Vice President Cao Jianming, heads of relevant administrative departments and schools including School of International Studies. 138 undergraduates from 26 countries including India, Jamaica and South Africa, as well as 32 postgraduates and doctoral candidates from 18 countries including Afghanistan, Rwanda and Cambodia gathered together to witness the solemn moment.

    At the ceremony, President Li, on behalf of WMU, conveyed a warm welcome to international students who come to study at WMU. Citing deeds of outstanding alumni of WMU, he inspired these students to be confident and curious, to learn the known and explore the unknown, to innovate for the future and write the new chapter of life.

    Mao Guangyun, the representative of the teaching staff, encouraged these students to set goals, work hard, practice more, make new friends and adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, so as to transform themselves from immature youth to mature medical talents. Postgraduate student Yasmeen Bano, the representative of students, encouraged the freshmen to be the initiators, dream chasers, practitioners and the best version of themselves. Nguelemo Mayopa Kevin, the representative of postgraduate freshmen, quoted President Xi Jinping’s passages such as “Happiness is achieved through hard work.” ”We roll up our sleeves and work with added energy.”, hoping to greet the new semester with a zeal. The undergraduate freshmen representative Mendulo Maria, whose foster-parents are Wenzhou people, expressed her confidence in the education of WMU. Also, she thanked the Chinese government and WMU for giving her the chance to study so that she could achieve her dream of practicing medicine soon.

    “The moment I step into the hallowed medical institution, I pledge solemnly...” At the end of the ceremony, all the freshmen stood up and solemnly read the OATH FOR A MEDICAL STUDENT under the guidance of Xiaoya Jin, the representative of teachers.

    Under the new situation of education internationalization, it’s reported that WMU has developed a multi-layer school-running pattern including the joint development of the international student education, Sino-foreign cooperative education and education in foreign countries and areas, which covers undergraduate, master's degree, doctoral degree and non-degree education after years of efforts. WMU now has 1100 international students from 71 countries.