• SPS’s Bio-pharmaceutical Team Included on the List of “10 People Who Moved Wenzhou in 2015”
  • Author:    Date:March 4, 2016
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    “Besides honor, they bring our city a transformative image: making the desert of scientific and technology research bloom by taking root in the fertile land of economic prosperity.”

    These lines were announced when the bio-pharmaceutical team of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPS) of Wenzhou Medical Univerity (WMU) were granted the collective award of “Most Beautiful Wenzhouese---10 People Who Moved Wenzhou in 2015” by the organizing committee at the awarding ceremony held on the afternoon of March 4th. It is the second year in a row that WMU has been honored with this collective award.

    Founded in 2005, SPS’s bio-pharmaceutical team consist of nearly one hundred researchers and technicians, most of whom have a Master’s degree or above. Besides, the team was nicknamed as a mini UN for most of its members have studied abroad. To produce more achievements as soon as possible, the team have been always working in high spirits and full speed around the clock. The words “holiday and weekend” are not in the dictionary of the high-spirited team members. For more than a decade, they have 98 projects supported by national scientific research funds including projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, projects supported by National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program) and projects supported by Major Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Major Projects. They have also won a number of national honors including the Chinese Medical Science and Technology Awards, State Technological Invention Awards, National Science and Technology Progress Awards, constantly set new records for Wenzhou’s pharmaceutical research.

    For more than a decade, after countless tests and summaries, they found 18 FGF family members, which have been proven to be extensively effective intissue regeneration, wound-healing, and the regulation of blood glucose and lipids. Based on their findings, they have further explored and developed new drugs of significant clinical values. The world leading FGFs drugs developed by the team for healing severe wounds and ulcers have now been applied for more than 80 million person-times in more than 2000 hospitals around China.