• First Affiliated Hospital’s Precision Medical Center Founded
  • Author:    Date:March 8, 2016
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    The Precision Medical Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) was founded on Mar 8th. WMU president Lu Fan attended the inaugural ceremony. The establishment of the Center marks the start of the hospital’s “Creating Peaks and Filling Valleys” Action Plan for science and technology improvement during the period of the 13thFive-year Plan. Through full integration of the currently available resources and advantages of the hospital to give them full play, the Center is expected to rapidly promote the scientific research level and become a world-class medical center. Chen Xiaoming, the hospital president holds concurrently the post of the center director while vice president Chen Chenshui serves as the executive director.



    At the ceremony, Prof. Matthew Arthur Brown, the immunogenic professor and the director of TRI Translational Medicine Research Institute at the Australian Queensland University was appointed as the chief scientist. (Assistant) Prof. Zhang Jingsan, a research fellow of the Oncology Department and Schultz Oncologic New Technology Treatment Center of Mayo Clinic, USA, was hired as the chief technical officer. Prof. Matthew Arthur Brown is an internationally recognized expert of clinical and translational medicine. The research team led by him have made remarkable contribution to the understanding of common human diseases through Genome-wide Association Study (GWAS). He was awarded the Queensland Science Award in 2013. His contact and cooperation with WMU can be traced back to the “matchmaking” of Zhou Jian, the outstanding alumnus of WMU who invented the preventative vaccine for cervical cancer . Prof. Zhang has been committed to the research of the molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis and translational medicine for years. He is leading in the world in the study on the contribution of GSK-3βto pancreatic carcinogenesis as well as translational medicine. He has identified, cloned and registered with the US NCBI GenBank 19 cDNAs and 72 ESTs.

    Precision Medicine, also known as Personalized Medicine, is a medical model that proposes the customization of healthcarebased on the context of individual physical characteristics, environment and habits to maximize the therapeutic effects and minimize the side effects. As a brand new method to improve the therapeutic effects and prognostic test, precision medicine has won the attention of both the academia and the public. Meanwhile, healthy people prone to diseases can be identified by precision medicine. As a result, we can thus apply more precisely the measures of preventive medicine to the target groups while considerably saving health care resources.