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  • Lecture Notice: Remaining True to Our Original Aspiration and Constructing Chinese Bioethics
  • Topic:   1.Remaining True to our original aspiration and Constructing Chinese Bioethics

                 2.Introduction to International Medical Humanities SSCI Journal

    Lecturer: Prof.Fan Ruiping, City University of Hong Kong

    Schedule: April 3th, Tuesday, 2018 at 9:30 am.

    Location: 4th conference room, Administraion Buiding

    Introduction of Lecturer:

    Prof.Fan Ruiping, philosophy doctor of Rice University, America, the chair professor of Bioethics and Public Policy in the school of Humanity and Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong. He is also the chief editor of “Asian Medical Philosophy and Bioethics” series (Springer) and the deputy editor of Journal of Medicine and Philosophy of America. Prof. Fan Ruiping has monographed Reconstructive Confucianism: Reflections on Post-Western Moral Issues(English, 2010) and Contemporary Confucian Bioethics and published more than 60 Chinese papers and 80 English papers. He was chief editor and associate editor of Confucian Bioethics (English, 1999), Confucian Society and Taoist Renaissance (Chinese, 2008), Confucianism in Contemporary China (English, 2011), Confucian Constitutionalism and China's Future (Chinese, 2012), Etiquette and Virtue Life (English, 2012), Confucian Political System (English, 2013), and Family-Based Informed Consent (English, 2015).  

    A warm welcome to all the teachers and students!Please attend 10 minutes in advance.

    School of Maxism

    March 26, 2018