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  • Lecture Notice: University Innovation for the Future of the Country—The Sceond Lecture of Overseas Top teachers' lecture program
  • Lecturer:Pichai Sonchaeng (Professor)
    Time:Apr.22nd, Monday, 2018 at 16:00 pm
    Location:Conference Hall of Qiuxin Building, ChaShan Campus, WMU
    Introduction of lecturer:
    Graduate from Mahidol University in 1995, Pichai Sonchaeng was the former BUU council member, Director of Bangsaen Institute of Marine Science as well as the Chairman of BUU at Chantaburi campus . In 2005, he had moved to be the President of National Science Museum of Thailand for 8 years. He was appointed to be Vice Minister for The Office of Prime Minister in 2014. Now he is the Chairman of NCPO Strategies Driving Subcommittee (in Sciences, Educations, Health and Human Development) and Director of BUU Innopolis, Burapha University
    Prof. Pichai Sonchaeng will give the lecture about university innovation on:
                1.The definition of innovation and creativity
                2.Dimensions & Type of innovation
                3.Drivers for Innovation
                4.New conditions for innovation
                5.Sources of New Product Ideas

    A warm welcome to all teachers and students! Please attend the lecture 10 minutes in advance.

    Office of International Affairs,
    School of innovation & Entrepreneurship Education