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  • Jiang Shiwen: How to publish high quality SCI articles
  • Date:February 14th2017


    Venue:Conference Room, 6 Floor, Tongxin Building, Chashan Campus

    Speaker Biography:

    Jiang Shiwen is a professor from Mercer University School of Medicine. He is a professor of Mercer University School of Medicine who serves as Laboratory Chief of Epigenetics. Professor Jiang Shiwen was named the outstanding medical researcher in the state of Georgia in 2008 and awarded a $500,000 prize was promoted to tenured professor in 2010.

    The following statistics reflect Professor Jiang's achievements in the work of Mayo Clinic and Mercer in 26 years: 1) in Cancer Research, Nature Communication, PNAS Nucleic, acids Research, Journal of Biological Chemistry high level international journal published more than 110 papers, 70 papers as the first author or communication, most of the impact factor of more than 4 points.2) in the Cellular and Molecular Life Science DNA and, Cell Biology, Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics and other famous international magazines as editor, guest editor of Pharmaceutical Design, Current was invited to Molecular Medicine magazine, served as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) research project of judges, the National Natural Science Foundation China the first and second instance judges the judges, the Yangtze River scholar communication.3) Developed a total of 8 post doctoral students, a total of 7 doctoral students, and a total of 9 master's degree students, and visiting scholars from the, and 12 scholars who have studied in the laboratory have established their own laboratories in the world.