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  • Pan Zhichang: Why is A Dream of Red Mansions so renowned in China?
  • Date: December 15th Thursday

    Time: 19:00

    Venue: Xuguang Hall, Chashan Campus


    Pan Zhichang is aprofessor and doctoral supervisor from School of Journalism and communication of Nanjing University. He is a professor of Macao University of science and Technology who served as vice dean of colleage of Humanities and arts at Macao University of science and technology. He is a director of Institute of international media of Nanjing University. He is adjunct professor atSun Yat-sen University and Nanjing Audit University respectively. He is also a visiting professor at Nanjng Arts Insititute. Prof. Pan Zhichang was approved as an expert that has Special Government Allowanc by State Council in 1992. He has, in addition, published 30 academic books, edited 7 of those, and published more than 100 academic journals at home and abroad.