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  • ​Former World Bank Senior Data Scientist Xu Lai Visits WMU

    On the afternoon of July 7, Xu Lai, a former senior data scientist at the World Bank and the CEO of Washon Fintech, visited our university and gave a lecture titled "Changes brought by big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain in this era". WMU’s President Li Xiaokun and Vice President Wang Liangxing and Jin Shengwei attended the activity. Heads of relevant departments and affiliated hospitals joined the lecture.

    Xu gave a brief introduction to the history, purpose, products and services of the World Bank Group and its cooperation projects in China. She said, with the rapid development of information technology, China has gradually entered the era of "artificial intelligence plus". Blockchain, as the most popular technology at present, has brought the technological revolution of credit. Xu expounded the working principle, basic characteristics and technical advantages of the blockchain technology with vivid cases and examples. In particular, she interpreted the application scenario of blockchain technology in the field of medical health, combining with the research and development of foreign companies such as Factom, Madicalchain and Robomed. She pointed out that the blockchain technology has great application value in medical data confidentiality, medical supply chain management, drug traceability mechanism, and smart contract, which was the direction of hospital information development in the future. At the end of the lecture, participants exchanged views on data openness and data security.

    Following the lecture was an appointment ceremony. Xu was invited and appointed to be a Visiting Professor of WMU and President Li Xiaokun presented the letter of appointment to her.