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  • President Jeong Byungseok and Chonnam National University delegation visit WMU

  • On May 21st, a delegation of Chonnam National University (CNU) from the Republic of Korea (ROK) headed by President Jeong Byungseok visited Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) to explore opportunities for cooperation and exchanges. WMU President Li Xiaokun met and held talks on cooperation with the CNU delegation. Officials from WMU’s International Affairs Office, School of International Studies, Graduate School, School of Public Health and Management, School of Stomatology, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and School of Mental Health also attended the meeting.

    President Li, on behalf of WMU, expressed warm welcome to President Jeong Byungseok and other CNU delegation members. He said that the two universities have become good partners for win-win cooperation and comrades in progressive collaboration. The approval of the joint professional doctoral degree program for pharmaceutical sciences (the Program) is a proof of both parties’ unremitting efforts for cooperation. President Jeong Byungseok commented that the Program as China’s first joint professional doctoral degree program for pharmaceutical sciences with a foreign institution of higher learning marks a milestone for Chinese and Korean universities to achieve comprehensive, in-depth and multi-field cross-border cooperation and exchange. The Program is of great significance for scientific research cooperation and cultural and economic exchanges between China and Korea. The two sides stated that they will take the opportunity to speed up the implementation of the Program, so that resources of the two universities can be fully utilized to achieve the rapid development of teaching and scientific research.

    At the meeting, participants discussed matters regarding cooperation in educational programs, collaboration in building a joint graduate school and hiring doctoral tutors from each other. Cooperation in joint training of doctors in disciplines including public administration, stomatology and psychology, the joint construction of international laboratories, and joint application for research projects is expected to upgrade both universities’ academic level and jointly promote the transformation of biomedical technology and advancement of medical level.

    Reportedly, CNU and WMU started cooperation in 2007, and signed a memorandum of understanding in 2014. Since then, the two universities have exchanged a number of visits and carried out cooperation in student exchanges, teacher training, scientific research cooperation and joint training programs. In March 2019, the joint professional doctoral degree program for pharmaceutical sciences by the two universities was approved by the Ministry of Education.