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  • President Li Xiaokun was invited to attend the Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) Fusion Conference and gave a keynote speech at the opening ceremony
  • Recently, the 3rd Fibroblast Growth Factors in Development and Repair Conference was held in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. Nearly 100 top experts in the field of growth factor research gathered from all around the world to share new developments, new discoveries and new prospects of FGF in basic and applied research. Professor Li Xiaokun, President of Wenzhou Medical University, was invited to give the keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the conference. Professor Huang Zhifeng, Professor Zhang Jinshan and Professor Wang Xiaojie, the core members of the growth factor team of the School of Pharmaceutical Science, separately made academic reports.

    During the conference, the reports gave by President Li Xiaokun and others demonstrated the new breakthroughs and developments, which made by Wenzhou Medical University, in the foundation and application of growth factor to world experts, and attracted great attention and extensive discussion. The exploration of the clinical application of growth factors in China also attracted great interest from experts from internationally renowned biopharmaceutical companies such as Novartis and Genentech.

    After the meeting, the Growth Factor team organized the experts to participate in the preparation forum for the International Growth Factor Innovation Alliance. Prof. Li Xiaokun pointed out that the current FGF research has entered a golden era of development. With the academic strength of Wenzhou Medical University and the transformation and policy preponderance of China in this field, the International Growth Factor Innovation Alliance will integrate the research strengths of all parties, and help to accelerate the development of FGF in basic and applied transformation and provide a more focused academic communication platform for global growth factor researchers. The participating experts highly agreed on the necessity of establishing the alliance and proposed a series of constructive opinions to promote the development of the alliance.

    The International FUSION Growth Factor Conference is a high-level academic conference organized by the UK FUSION Group and the British Natural Science Press. It is one of the two international academic conferences in the field of growth factors held in conjunction with the US Gordon Conference. At this session, our school is one of the co-organizers of the conference.