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  • The “Luminance Action” Team from Our University has Successfully Completed the Mission and Return from Burkina Faso: Burkina Faso Ministry of Health and China Burkina Faso Embassy Sent Thank You Letters

    In the evening of January 7th, the “Luminance Action” 10 people medical team to Burkina Faso, led by the university Party Secretary Lu Fan, has successfully completed the mission and returned to Wenzhou. President consultant Qu Jia, Vice President Wang Liangxing, Party Committee Member, Director of the Propaganda Department Wang Junhong, Deputy Secretary General of Wenzhou Municipal Government Ye Shiqiang, Deputy Party Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Health Commission Xu Bin and relevant leaders of the General Administation Office, Foreign Affairs Office and Affiliated Eye hospital greeted the team at the airport.

    Delegated by the National Health Commission, traveled 8 time zones, after 30 hours and thousands of miles, the Luminance Action Team formed by Wenzhou Medical University arrived in Ouagadougou on 22nd December 2018. Along with the medical team, the Chinese government donated medical equipment, medicines and consumables worth about 2.35 million yuan to the Burkina Faso Ministry of Health also arrived. In the following more than 10 days, the medical team performed 146 free cataract surgeries in the local Tangadogo Hospital. After the surgery, patients got rid of the darkness and returned to the bright world.

    During the stay in Burkina Faso, the medical team has completed all kinds of missions successfully and was highly praised by the Burkina Faso government and people, and the team’s mission have been fully affirmed by the China Burkina Faso Embassy. During the mission, Mr. Meda, Minister of Health of Burkina Faso visited the medical team at Tangadogo Hospital. He expressed the gratitude to Chinese government and Luminance Action team for the selfless dedication in Burkina Faso.

    The China Burkina Faso Embassy and Burkina Faso Ministry of Health sent thank you letters to our university. In the letter, the embassy pointed out that the Wenzhou Medical University medical team interpreted the Chinese medical team spirit, “no afraid of difficulties, willing to sacrifice, save lives and cure injuries and love without boundaries”, put forward by President Xi Jinping. The mission helps promote the development of public health in Burkina Faso, enhance the friendship and trust between the two nations, and further strengthen the good image of China in Burkina Faso.

    Burkina Faso Ministry of Health expressed its gratitude to the experts from Wenzhou Medical University for their selfless and non-stop work in the thank-you letter. During the mission, the team’s hard work has effectively guaranteed the smooth implementation of the activity and enabled the local patients to recover eye vision. With the support of the medical team, the capability of the ophthalmology department of the local hospital got increased comprehensively. On behalf the Burkina Faso people, Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, Mr. Robert KARAMA expressed the gratitude to experts of Action Luminance team for their great effort and selfless support. He noted that the Chinese government sent the experts to Burkina Faso in such short of time, performed surgeries to enable patients to recover eye vision, and promote the local health care level effectively, which represents the deep friendship between the two nations and witness the deeper cooperation of two countries in the field of health care.

    The Luminance Action Medical Team has received a warm response locally, and has received extensive media attention and coverage. Burkina Faso National Television followed up and reported the mission the whole journey. This mission was also reported by CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, China Radio International and local media in Burkina Faso, which caused wide influence.