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  • President LI Xiaokun invited to attend China-Russia Medical University Alliance Council Meeting
  • From Nov.7 to Nov. 9, President Li Xiaokun of Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) attended the executive council meeting of China-Russia Medical University Alliance and China-Russia Medical Forum held in Yekaterinburg, the administrative center of Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. Meeting this session was hosted by National Medical University in Ural. Experts, scholars and leaders from 53 Alliance member universities in both countries attended the meeting hosted by the National Medical University in Ural. .

    At the meeting, President Li Xiaokun introduced the achievements WMU has made in recent years, put forward WMU’s plan for cooperation with Alliance member universities in the fields of medicine and bioscience, and had profound discussions with other participants about faculty and student exchange, academic exchange, cooperation in scientific research and joint development of laboratories. Experts and scholars from both China and Russia delivered specific reports about medical digital education and exchanged in-depth the development and reform of medical education in both countries. 

    Founded in July 2014, China-Russia Medical University Alliance is a nongovernmental organization jointly launched by Harbin Medical University and The First National Medical University in Moscow of top medical universities in China and Russia. The Alliance has become the biggest cooperative alliance with the widest range of cooperation of universities in China and Russia with its number of members increasing from the original 92 to 108 at present. The Alliance is to pool the resources of medical universities in both countries, accelerate the development of new medical theories and the application of new technologies in preventing and curing diseases, an promote the exchange in medical science and cooperation in scientific research for the co-development of medicine and health care in both counties. WMU became a member of China-Russia Medical University Alliance in December, 2014.