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  • University Anniversary Culture Event 2018 NSCLP Charity Activity (Wenzhou) is Held in School and Hospital of Stomatology
  • In the morning of 29th October, "Smile Project, Charity Worldwide" 2018 Wenzhou Alliance for Smiles NSCLP (Non-syndromic Cleft Lip and Palate) Healthcare Charity event was launched in School and Hospital of Stomatology, Wenzhou Medical University.Mr. Sheng Changli, former deputy governor of Zhejiang People's Government &Vice Chairman of Zhejiang NPPCC, Mr. Huang Qiulun , vice chairman of US Alliance for Smiles Foundation, and Mr. He Jihao,  chairman of World Wenzhou Alliance for Smiles and initiator of Smile Project, attended the launching ceremony. WMU Party Secretary Lu Fan delivered a speech during the launching ceremony.

    Lu Fan noted that Wenzhou Medical University, as a society well-recognized university with good awareness and capability of social services, is committed to the social charity work and education of professionals with related skills. This year's Smile Project activities held during the 60th anniversary of Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou Medical University would like to advocate all parties of the society care for NSCLP children, and participate into the Smile Project to bring back smiles to NSCLP children.


    Deputy Director of Wenzhou Municipal United Front Work Department, Mr. Ye Jun, noted that in 10 years, Smile Project works all across China to provide healthcare services and psychological guidance to NSCLP children. He expressed his hope that all parties of the society can take part into the World Wenzhou Charity Activities and make the activities stronger to represent the characteristics of charity of Wenzhou People.

    This activity has gained active support and responses across the society and raised donation of RMB 960,000.  Mr. Sheng Changli, Mr. He Jihao and Vice Chairman of Wenzhou Charity Association Ms. Zhou Wenzhen award the letter of gratitude to 11 organizations including Wenzhou Charity Association, Wenzhou Red Cross Association, and Zhongtong Real Estate.

    During the ceremony, Mr. Huang Jihao told touching stories of the Smile Project in 10 years.  He noted that, it is because of the devotion of all parties. so many children and families get their happiness back to life.  Children from Puzhou Yuying Primary School performed the theme song of Smile Project Smile Forever. Representatives from Wenzhou Qinyuan Primary School presented blessing badges for NSCLP children.
    The event will last for 14 days, health professionals from Wenzhou Medical University First Affiliated Hospital, Second Affiliated Hospital, Hospital of Stomatology, Ouhai No. 3 People's Hospital and Hospital of Stomatology Sichuan University together with 10 foreign medical experts will provide pre-operation screenings, operations and post operation rehabilitation services to more than 100 children from Sichuan, Guizhou, Henan, Anhui, Yunnan and Fujian.
    Personnel from Wenzhou Municipal Civilization Office, Wenzhou Municipal TaiwanAffairs Office, Ouhai District People's Government and WMU Department of United Front Work attended the launching ceremony.