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  • Excellent Case from Burapha University Confucius Institute Demonstrated on South East Asia Confucius Institutes Joint Conference
  • From October 31th to November 1st, the Joint Conference of South East Aisa Confucius Institutes was held in the capital of Laos, Vientiane. Burapha University in Thailand shared the experience of the China Celadon Culture School project during the conference as excellent case of the innovative development of the Confucius Institute, which is also the first project overseas.

    South East Asia Confucius Institutes Joint Conference is the highest level of meeting among South East Asia Confucius Institutes. Konssi Shengmani, Deputy Minister of Education and Sports of Laos, Jiang Zaidong, Chinese Ambassador of Laos, Yu Tianqi, Deputy Director-General of Hanban,Songxi Nopansai, President of Lao National University,Wen Pesani, Deputy Director of the Office of the Lao-China Cooperation Committee of the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Laos, Samp Gaitria, Director of Education Department of Vientiane and Mr. Shao Xubo, Director of Asia-Africa Confucius Institutes of Hanban attended the conference. More than 200 delegates from 36 Confucius Institutes of 9 countries attended the conference.

    During the conference, China president of Burapha University Confucius Institute, Mr. Zhang Yulin, delivered a report with the title Utilized Resources from all Parties to Develop Featured Brand and Project -- the Case of Burapha University Confucius Institute China Celadon Culture School.  The report noted that the China Celadon Culture School is established to provide a communication platform for China experts and fans in China and Thailand.  At the preparation phase, the school has come across a lot of difficulties in faculty, venue and funding. With the support of China Hanban and Thai universities, Burapha University Confucius Institute actively connected with related government departments of Thailand and China, foundations and schools to facilitate resources from all parties to participate the project and gradually solved the problem. The first oversea China Celadon Culture School is established in August 2018 which has widely reported by, China News, Zhejiang On-line and local media in Thailand. Currently the China Celadon Culture School is committed to the cultural exchanges of China between China and Thailand, which include the teaching practice of Celadon culture, establish culture experience zone of Celadon Culture, held Sino-Thailand China symposiums, set up exchange teachers and students programs and explore Celadon related cultural creative market.

    It is noted that the main objective of the conference is to deepen the experience sharing of the South East Asia Confucius Institutes, improve the coordinated development of regional Confucius Institutes and move forward the solid cooperation between China and abroad. The conference has 4 sessions including opening ceremony, case sharing, penal discussion and summary. Before the conference, 36 Confucius Institutes from 9 South East Asian countries submitted cases, after the selection of Hanban, only 7 cases from Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar were shared during the conference.