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  • WMU Hosts International Higher Education Forum to celebrate its 60th anniversary
  • Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) hosted the International Higher Education Forum on its Chashan Campus, October 29th. Vice President Cao Jianming attended and delivered a speech at the Forum. 21 Chinese and foreign experts from 10 countries and regions outside the country participated in the Forum.

    After welcoming the attending experts and briefing them about WMU in his speech, Cao Jianming expressed his hope for the joint exploration of ideas and experience for educational innovation and development, and the analysis of problems and challenges posed by the development of higher education to provide experience for the university’s innovative development and international talent training.

    The Forum’s theme is “Internationalization and Talent Cultivation”. Professor David Finegold, President of the University of Chatham, USA, gave a speech on the topic of international talent training. He believes studying abroad is an important way to cultivate talents, which is conducive to enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of students and schools. With its rapid development in economy, society and education, China will become the leader and the biggest beneficiary of the internationalization of higher education in the world. Professor Bannakij Lojanapiwat, Dean of School of Medicine at Chiang Mai University, Thailand took Chiang Mai University as an example to illustrate the benefits of international cooperation and exchanges for talent cultivation. As he pointed out, Wenzhou Medical University and Chiang Mai University in Thailand have already carried out in-depth cooperation in teacher and student exchanges, academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation. The two universities will continue to deepen cooperation under the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative to benefit more teachers and students. Professor Zhao Wei, vice president of the Children’s Hospital affiliated with the Virginia Commonwealth University and a member of Class 1978 of the then Wenzhou Medical College, talked about differences between China and the United States in medical education and practice, and proposed initiatives to strengthen the education of science and modern medicine.

    Experts from the Lublin Medical University in Poland, Monash University in Australia, Semmelweis University in Hungary, the Louisiana State University, and Chung Shan Medical University gave keynote speeches on related topics. Experts from the French Higher College of Optometry, the Andrew University and the University of California, Davis, the University of Western Australia, Linnaeus University of Sweden, Raman Karuppiah, National University of Malaysia, and I-shou University of Taiwan held an in-depth discussion on challenges and experiences involving education internationalization. Ma Jianfeng, Dean of the School of Stomatology, and Xu Dan, Associate Dean of the School of International Education shared WMU’s experience and practice in international talent training from the perspective of the model for the training of international talents in the field of stomatology and WMU’s practice of training international students and the exploration of their development path, respectively. In addition, Dr. David Heath, President of the State University of New York College of Optometry, Dr. David Finegold, President of Chatham University, and Dr. Han Eunmi, Vice President of Chonnam National University respectively delivered keynote speeches on related topics.

    Thematic roundtable discussions hosted by Rome Chiranukrom, Vice President of Chiang Mai University, Thailand, and Dr. Howard Purcell, President of New England College of Optometry, were held on the sideline of the Forum. Presidents of the Macau University of Science and Technology, Jinan University, Kumamoto University, Japan, Hangzhou Medical College, Ningxia Medical University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and the French Higher College of Optometry participated in the in-depth discussion and exploration on university’s innovative development and the future of higher education.