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  • Three Foreign Experts from Wenzhou Medical University Won the West Lake Friendship Award
  • October 30th afternoon, Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government West Lake Friendship Award ceremony was held in Zhejiang Great Hall of the People. Three foreign experts from Wenzhou Medical University, Professor Roland Anderson from Sweden, Professor Geoffrey Riley from Australia and Professor Peter Reinach from the US won the West Lake Friendship Award. By the witness of governor Yuan Jiajun, deputy governor Wang Xuwen awarded the medel and certificate for the foreign experts. In 2018, 50 foreign experts from 17 countries such as the US, Canada and Germany won the West Lake Friendship Award, among which expert number from Wenzhou Medical University is the highest.

    Professor Peter Reinach at the award ceremony

    Professor Geoffrey Riley at the award ceremony

    Professor Roland Anderson is the international affairs consultant of Wenzhou Medical University, chief science consultant of Zhenan Technology Park, and former vice-dean of Lund University Medical School in Sweden. He facilitated the first joint doctoral education program between Wenzhou Medical University and Lund University in the field of translational medicine in clinical medicine, which filled the gap in China. He also introduced advanced medical, research and faculty teams from Sweden to carry on high level cooperation in the field of life science which. With the establishment of Sina-Sweden Life Science Research Institute and Sino-Sweden Translational Medicine Research Institute in Wenzhou, it greatly improves the level of translational medicine in Wenzhou and Zhejiang.

    Professor Geoffrey Riley is the formal executive dean of the University of Western Australia Medical School in Australia. Professor Riley has actively participated in the work of general medicine and primary healthcare system in China and used to serve as consultant in the Department General Medicine and Primary Healthcare of the Ministry of Health in China. Since 2017, he has served as foreign consultant on general medicine in Wenzhou University and helps the university to carry out multi-level and multi-professional cooperation with the University of Western Australia and the University of Monash in Australia. Professor Riley has also helped to establish a foreign lecture team from general medicine specialty and trained Chinese lecutures, co-construct featured courses and international teaching materials, and develop general medicine specialty with international standard, his work has promoted the construction of general practice in Wenzhou and even in the province.

    Professor Peter Reinach used to work as the professor of pharmacology and biological sciences and director of Cell Physiology Laboratory at the School of Optometry, New York State University. Since 2014, he has been working as a visiting professor and researcher at the School of Ophthalmology and optometry. He brought the International Myopia Conference, known as the Olympic Games of the field, into China and Wenzhou for the first time. He is also the ice breaker of animal and cell experiments of corneal injury repair in China, which greatly improves the research level of the State Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences co-established by the province and ministry. Professor Reinach also helped the university to issue a new international English Journal Eye and Vision, which has made great contributions to the consolidation of the university’s eye health profession in the world.

    The West Lake Friendship Award is the highest award set up by the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government in recognition of the outstanding contribution and dedication made by foreign experts in the economic construction and social development of Zhejiang Province. Since 2003, 20 foreign experts have won the award.