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  • WMU signs MOU on cooperation with University of Kentucky
  • On September 12th, a delegation from University of Kentucky (UK) consisting of Sue Roberts, Associate Provost for Internationalization, Xiu Huajing, Executive Director of the Office of China Initiatives and the Confucius Institute and Donna Arnette, Dean of the College of Public Health visited Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) on September 12th. Vice President Cao Jianming, on behalf of WMU, met with and signed a MOU on cooperation with the delegation. Relevant officials from the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, the Office of Academic Affairs, School of Public Health & Management also attended the meeting.

    During the meeting, after a warm welcome, Vice President Cao briefed the delegation on WMU’s basic information And expressed his wish to further in-depth cooperation with UK in the future. After presenting an overview of UK, Sue Roberts affirmed the positive results of the cooperation with WMU.

    As agreed, the two sides, by taking full advantage of respective resources, are going to cooperate in faculty exchange, joint education and short-term student exchange program including the program of undergraduate-graduate courses and the  double-major program in the discipline of preventive medicine. How the cooperation programs will be carried out is subject to further discussions between the two sides.